Can Auto Shippers Help Move Household Items

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What Else Can Auto Shippers Help Ship?

So you are in the process of moving, and you have most of your items all boxed up, but there are those larger items you have, like the dining room table or couch and you know you are not going to be able to move those items yourself. So what are you supposed to do? Well, you can always look for a professional full-service moving company to help move everything for you.

Other Moving Options

Considering you have your own car or a rented trailer that you will be driving to your destination, a full service moving company may not be necessary, and often too pricey. Another option, if you are flying, or taking 2 cars to your soon-to-be home, is to find an auto shipping company that could potentially transport your larger furniture or boxes along with your vehicle.

Call The Auto Shipping Company

Don’t just assume that any auto shippers are able to help you move household items. This is because many companies don’t have the insurance to cover this kind of assistance. They might just have coverage for loading and transporting vehicles but not for sofas and valuable household items. Due to this, it is a potential liability for the company if they break something on accident. Companies are not going to take a chance on this as they do not want to be on the receiving end of a lawsuit. This is why you need to call and ask while researching your car shipping options. The last thing you want to do is just assume they can help and then wait until the day of to ask them to help out, only to find out that they can’t.

Ask for Auto Shipping Recommendations

If the auto shippers tell you they are unable to assist, you can always ask for recommendations. Chances are they are going to have ideas as to who you can go with. They might even have a partner company that offers home moving services on top of the auto shippers. It most likely is a different business entity just to avoid insurance problems and hassles, but your auto shippers will have helpful insights as to what you need to do and who you can go with for moving help.

Get Your Car Shipping Process Rolling

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