Car Myths: Auto Shipping Myths You May Have Heard

Car Myths: Auto Shipping Myths You May Have Heard 2019-08-28T19:28:39+00:00

customer serviceYou may have heard negative remarks regarding the car shipping process. Some say that it is costly, or that auto transport companies are shady. However, research will show these myths to be false. Reliable auto transport companies can be found throughout the country.

Auto Shipping Myth #1: It is Difficult to Get a Quote from an Auto Transport Company

Some people may tell you that a car shipping company will not want to give you a quote until it comes time for you to sign the contract. Supposedly, the cost of shipping a car is so high that car transport companies don’t want to give you an estimate of what it will cost. This simply isn’t true. Any reputable company will gladly provide you with a car shipping quote if you only give them a few key pieces of information such as your personal information, the starting point, the destination, and the make and model of the car you will be shipping with them.

Auto Shipping Myth #2: The Auto Transport Company Will Pressure You Into Signing the Contract

There is a common myth that all auto transport companies will pressure you into signing a contract filled with dense legalese and incomprehensible clauses. This isn’t true of any reputable car shipping companies. To find a reputable company, simply search google for “auto transport reviews”. Several comprehensive sites will appear in the search results such as the Transport Reviews, or If a company has excellent reviews from multiple customers, it is safe to trust them with your car. Another indication of the reputability of auto transport companies is their behavior when you ask questions about the contract. Any upstanding company will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Auto Shipping Myth #3: It is Difficult to Prepare a Car for Transportation

The process of preparing a car to be shipped is surprisingly simple. Check that all of the fluids are filled to the level indicated by your owners manual. Also, leave only a couple of gallons of fuel in the tank to avoid any unnecessary charges for weight.

Don’t forget to remove personal items from the car. Keep in mind that you will not have access to anything in the car for the duration of the time that the auto transport company is shipping it. One item people often forget to remove is toll readers. You don’t want to be charged unnecessary tolls, so remove these before you hand over your car.

Auto Shipping Myth #4: The Auto Transport Company Will Simply Leave the Car

For some, shipping a car may bring images of a car left in front of a driveway for anyone to steal. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Any reliable auto transport company will have a representative meet you at delivery to ensure everything is satisfactory. You will be provided with an inspection sheet so that you may note the car’s condition. Learn more about the auto shipping process here.

Looking for an Auto Shipping Quote?

Now that you know the truth about the car shipping process, contact Number 1 Auto Transport for a free auto shipping quote. It’s fast and easy.