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Though shipping any vehicle can feel overwhelming, electric vehicles are no exception. However, with proper preparation, the process can be streamlined and stress-free. Whether you’re moving across the country or selling your EV to a new owner, following these steps will ensure your vehicle arrives safely and in top condition. Let’s dive into the essential preparations you need to make before transporting your electric car within the US.

Preparing Your EV for Shipping

Getting your electric vehicle ready for domestic shipping involves a few crucial steps. It’s important to make sure your car is safe, secure, and compliant with shipping regulations. Let’s go through the key preparations.

Ensure Battery Readiness

Before shipping any type of electric vehicle, you must ensure that the battery is fully or at least partially charged. This not only ensures that the vehicle is operable during loading and unloading but also helps preserve the battery’s health during transit. Most shipping companies require the vehicle to have a minimum charge level upon pickup, so it’s important to check and comply with their requirements.

Maintain Interior and Exterior Cleanliness

Give your electric vehicle a thorough cleaning both inside and out before shipping it. A clean interior and exterior not only present your car in the best possible light but also facilitate a detailed inspection before shipping. This helps identify any pre-existing damages and ensures that your EV arrives at its destination in top condition. Pay special attention to areas prone to dirt and grime buildup, such as door jambs, wheel wells, and undercarriage.

Safeguard the Battery Compartment

Securing the battery pack is important to prevent any damage or movement during transit. Ensure that the battery pack is securely fastened and immobilized within the vehicle to minimize the risk of shifting or jostling. Check all connections and mounting points to guarantee that the battery pack remains stable throughout the shipping process. This precaution not only protects the battery but also enhances the overall safety of the EV during transportation.

Open or Enclosed Trailer: Which is Best for Your EV?

When it comes to shipping your electric vehicle, you have a choice between different types of car transport carriers. The two main options are open trailer and enclosed one. Think of an open trailer as the economy option. It’s usually cheaper and more common, but keep in mind that your EV will be out in the open, exposed to weather and road debris. This might lead to some minor cosmetic dings or dirt.

Now, if you want to treat your EV like royalty, go for an enclosed trailer. This option is a bit pricier, but it offers top-notch protection from the elements and any road hazards. Your car will arrive looking just as good as when it left. This is especially worth considering if you have a high-value or luxury electric vehicle.

So, how do you decide? It really comes down to your budget and how much you value that extra protection. If keeping your EV in pristine condition is a top priority for you, then an enclosed trailer is definitely the way to go.

What Else Is Needed When Shipping an Electric Vehicle?

Shipping an electric vehicle within the US requires careful consideration and additional preparations beyond domestic shipping. In addition to the steps mentioned earlier, consider the following:

  • Documentation: Prepare all necessary customs documentation, including import/export forms, vehicle registration, proof of ownership and insurance papers. Ensure that you have copies of all documents in case they are needed during transit.
  • Shipping Fees and Regulations: Be aware of any additional fees associated with shipping your EV, such as tolls or state-specific regulations. Research and confirm the shipping company’s policies regarding electric vehicles to avoid any surprises.
  • Charging Infrastructure: Research the availability and compatibility of charging infrastructure in the destination country. Ensure that there are sufficient charging stations and that your vehicle’s charging connectors are compatible with local standards.
  • Warranty Coverage: Check the warranty coverage for your electric vehicle and confirm whether it extends to international shipping and usage.

By thoroughly preparing and addressing these additional considerations, you can ensure a smooth and successful shipment of your electric vehicle.

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