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Student Car Shipping: Advice & Tips on Transporting Your Car to College

There’s already so much to worry about when it’s time to get ready for the new semester: tuition, class schedules, dorm roommates, and how you’ll get around between classes and work and other activities… not to mention coming home to visit the parents!

You might have family or friends available to help you, or you could be figuring this out independently. There are several advantages to having your car shipped to college rather than driving it yourself or using it to move some of your belongings, along with ways to ensure that shipping your car is as stress-free and affordable as possible.

It’s Safer

Nearly 100,000 car accidents yearly are caused by fatigued driving, 1,550 of which result in fatalities. In most cases, when moving to college, you’re on a time crunch, or you have to wake up earlier than normal… and drinking too much caffeine can lead to a crash — in more ways than one. You can avoid a long drive risk (and the stress) by shipping your car through an auto transport company.

Less Chance of Theft

We don’t just mean your car itself if you park at a rest stop or restaurant to grab a bite to eat. In many cases, college students will jam their car full of their belongings, using it as a means to move. This works fine, but a car filled to the brim with stuff is a prime target for vandals and thieves, and the last thing you need before your big first day is the expense (and distress) of having to replace all your things.

Remember that most auto transport companies have rules against shipping personal belongings in the vehicle, so you’ll want to plan to move your things separately.

It’s Fast & Secure

Hey, nothing beats knowing you don’t have to make that long drive — whether you’re going by bus or with a friend or family member to spend precious time together on a more relaxed drive that’s not racing the clock in a vehicle full of items. Auto transport specialists run on time and are equipped with special GPS systems to alert them of the best routes, road construction, or even weight limits. They’ll get your car exactly where it needs to be, quickly and securely.

Best Practices for College Students Preparing for Car Shipping

  • Our auto transport experts indeed adhere to schedules that best serve our customers, but keep in mind that they aren’t driving a straight line to your specific location. Because the transport vehicle will be making several stops along the way, it could take them up to a few days to get to your campus.

(For example, most transport truckers drive about 500 miles a day with their vehicle, and that’s when conditions are favorable. So, if you go to school 1500 miles away from home, it will take anywhere from 3-5 days to get there.)

  • Since you’ll want to arrange the arrival date around the time, you will be getting to campus, make sure you give yourself and the transport company a few extra days leniency in the schedule.
  • Although auto transport companies do offer door-to-door service, your campus might not be too keen on a 50-foot vehicle pulling up to drop off your car. Make sure you check with the school before drop-off, as you might have to find your car’s nearest terminal or safe drop-off point.
  • Don’t forget to contact the college about registering your vehicle for school parking! In most cases, they don’t need to see the vehicle—by knowing your VIN and ownership information, you may even be able to get this set up ahead of time.

Choosing an Affordable, Stress-Free Shipping Method

We definitely get it — as a college student, your budget is already stretched thin, and you might not be getting a lot of help at home or have much leftover from loans after books and tuition are paid… and you might not have a lot of hours left over in the day for a decent job.

The most budget-friendly option for shipping your car will be open carrier transport. Because it’s the most common transport option, it’s also the most affordable. Several vehicles are transported at once, so many stops are made along the way.

Don’t worry about how the transport vehicle looks, though — one of the reasons is that so many new car manufacturers choose open car transport for their lot vehicles because it’s so safe and saves money!

There are many cost-effective ways to ship your car, truck, SUV, or anything in between, including working with our Number 1 Auto Transport team. We are highly experienced and love what we do, and we will help you find the lowest cost and most reliable method to ship your vehicle!