Holiday Car Shipping

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Car shipping is a difficult process that many shoppers find troublesome after they purchase a new car. Cars are shipped to dealers and holding lots many times over during their lives, but buyers do not want to pick up a brand new car after they have purchased it. Door-to-door service is of the utmost importance, and secure shipping is required for such expensive cargo. Continue reading for more essentials to making your holiday car shipping process a breeze.

Safe Shipment of Your Vehicle

The haulers used to ship new cars stack many cars in one place, but a single vehicle may be shipped inside an enclosed trailer. The enclosed trailer will protect the car from wind, rain and inclement weather. A flatbed truck can be used for the same purposes, but the car is covered with a tarp during shipping. The car is inspected before and after the shipment to ensure it is delivered in good condition, and the car is wiped down carefully before it is offered to the customer. The car comes to the customer just as it would off the showroom floor.

Fast Shipment of Your Vehicle

Shipment of a brand new car cannot take very long for a buyer. Buyers are moving on to a new vehicle, and they must sell their old cars. Fast shipping can have the car at the door of the customer within a few days of their purchase, and the car arrives ready to drive the moment it comes off the truck.

Door-to-Door Vehicle Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service

Door-to-door service is the most important part of the shipping process. Every customer must have their car show up at their home or office on the day they expect to receive it. No customers want to drive to a different location to pick up their car, and the car should arrive on their doorstep. Unloading of the car is easy, and the driver will receive the keys when the car arrives.

Pre-Paid Shipping

No customer should spend time paying for delivery once the car arrives. All shipments should be paid for before the cars are shipped, and each customer should have the option to have their car dropped off. The delivery driver may put the car in any place the buyer wants, and the keys can be deposited in a safe place.

Fair Auto Shipping Prices from Dependable Auto Shippers

Every car that is shipped is shipped under a flat fee schedule. One car has its own price, and multiple cars will be shipped for a discounted rate. Cars must be shipped based on their weight, but cars that are very heavy are not charged a massive premium. Customers who purchase large vehicles will not be priced out of delivery once they have made their purchase. Every car shopper who must have their car delivered should work with a company that offers all the services above. Door-to-door service at fair prices helps shoppers get a hold of their vehicles. Safe shipping gives each driver a car that looks pristine when it comes off the truck, and every driver walks away happy. Learn more about how Number 1 Auto abides by all of these aspects of auto transport by calling 855.422.414 and get your auto shipping quote today!