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How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car from Texas to California?

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Cost to Ship a Car from Texas to California 

Moving to California is a common thing in America as California is comfortable for people to move in. Californian peaceful weather attracts a lot of people every year. And if you are moving to Texas for working purposes, it should be known that it is equally a great state to live in. During covid, it would be painful to ship your vehicle yourself. Covid 19 vaccine is slowly but surely getting to the public; still, it is not recommended for people to go on a long trip for transferring one’s vehicle. How to ship your vehicle to your new home might be one of the major concerns for you now. It is simple, contact a car shipping company and find out the cost to ship a car from Texas to California.

Texas to California Car Shipping

A car shipping service is a regular thing for people to search for frequently traveling between California and Texas. Since it is a famous car transportation route, lots of car shipping services have been created. Many auto shipping companies offer eye-catching offers for people trying to ship their vehicles. You have to contact any car shipping company that you like. They will pick up your vehicle and transport it to your new home. Different auto transporting companies might ask for various fees. Ultimately, the price depends on the state of your transportation route. Usually, it takes from 3 to 6 days to transport a vehicle. The time may vary depending on the way you are hauling. Many auto transport companies hold many auto trains that give them a better supply chain around these states.

California to Texas Auto Transport

The distance between these states is nearly 1400 miles. It will be easier if you let the professionals do this massive distance transport. Transporting your car from one city to another is easy because many families auto-ship their vehicles. Surely you can think that you can drive the car to your new home yourself. But you also have to think about the fuel cost, hotel fares, and the time required to drive this distance, and vice versa. Driving a vehicle this long will result in more mileage for the engine. Your car can also get damaged by some projectiles or rocks, resulting in many auto parts being damaged. Also, the dust in the air will damage your car’s color. So, why take all this pressure? Just let the professionals do it. Paying a company for auto shipping is better than doing it yourself and making it worst.

Open or Enclosed Car Transport to Texas

Depending on your need, different companies can offer you a variety of auto shipping services. You can ship your vehicle using open transport or enclosed transport. If you are looking for a low-cost transport option, an open carrier can be your car transport option. On the other hand, suppose your car is very costly, antique, exclusive, or really attached to your vehicle. In that case, you might want to do the transport using an enclosed carrier. An enclosed trailer will ensure your classic car does not get damaged by the wind or the moving particles in the road. It can also protect from getting some auto parts damaged.

But the open carrier will also provide your car with the most care. Open carrier shipping is a standard shipping process too. Most car owners also like to transport their vehicles using the open carrier. No matter which service you choose, try to contact an experienced shipping company that owns experienced auto-train drivers. The quality of a driver is a variable that can affect shipping quality and the time required to ship your car from one state to another.

Calculate Your Instant Car Shipping Quote

After looking at the different types of services you can get from each auto transport company, you might be wondering. The cost to ship a car from Texas to California will depend on the category of service you are planning to take. The cost also depends on the nation-state where you are sending your car. The freight you need to pay might vary by different nation-states. But to summarize the cost, you can do it within $800 if you are doing open shipping, depending on different companies. It can be up to $1400 if you are using enclosed shipping. If you are looking for an interstate car hauler, then it will cost you less than usual. You can also use with site function for your transport shipping.

Auto Shipping Cost and Transit Times for Common California to Texas Auto Transport Routes

Both California and Texas are enormous states. People are constantly doing vehicle transport to the different areas in these two States. But ultimately, there are some familiar places where people tend to transport their cars all year around. You may be wondering how much does it cost to ship a car from Texas to California? Fear not, as math has been done for you to find overall shipping costs without much problem. Depending on different auto transport companies and the size of the auto train, the shipping rate and estimated car shipment time might vary. The approximate fees of auto transport are given below:

  1. To Houston, Texas, Los Angeles, California, is around 1553 miles, and it takes almost 3-5 days to transport your car. The car shipping cost might vary, but it is ultimately within $1,050 and $1,250 if you chose an open carrier or enclosed car carrier, respectively.
  2. Dallas, Texas to Los Angeles, California is around 1557 miles; it also takes approximately 3-5 days to ship your car. It will cost you about $1,400 if you use the enclosed carrier and $800 to use the open carrier for car shipping.
  3. San Francisco to Austin is another famous shipping destination around 1773 miles. It takes 4-6 days for larger vehicle shipping to the final destination and costs around $1,000 to $1200; it can vary depending on your model and date of transport.
  4. Sacramento, California to Fairview, Texas is around 1722 miles, and your car will be shipped within 4-6 days. Cost is around $1,050 to $1,250 for car shipping.
  5. Bakersfield, California to Corpus Christi, Texas costs around $1,025 to $1,225, depending on the service and your car model. The distance you are getting your car shipped is around 1632 miles, and it may take 3-6 days to ship your vehicle.
  6. El Paso, Texas to Long Beach, California is around 851 miles which only takes 2-3 days to ship your car. The cost of shipping your vehicle can be about $650 to $1000 if you are looking for the best transportation company to ship your vehicle.

Moreover, if you need household moving or office relocation in the west coast areas, these relocation experts can be a great option. Suppose you are finding an interstate auto carrier. In that case, you will find many new companies who will give you the cheapest way possible.

Is it Better to Ship Your Car Yourself?

You may think it will be better to drive the car yourself. But the average cost of you moving your vehicle to your new home will be around $800 to $900. You might be wondering why it costs so high even if you are driving the car yourself? It would help if you understood that you have to calculate the hotel, food, and gas you will burn to drive your car. Besides the price, you will also be wasting three to six days of valuable time. So, professional car shipping companies would be a better choice. You can get a plane ticket, go home within a few hours, and wait for your car to reach your destination. It is always better to let professional car shipping companies do the job rather than do it yourself and possibly damaging auto parts.

Rates are not exact and are subject to change.