West Coast Auto Transport Service

There are just a few weeks left before you’re moving from the east coast to the west coast, and you will need your car when you get there. However, you want to save precious time and valuable money throughout the move. What do you do?

East Coast Auto Transport Service

We constantly hear horror stories about how other east coast auto transport companies have dropped the ball every day. Instead of reaping benefits, their customers have sweated and worried whether their automotive prized possession will be safely carried to their destination. At Number 1 Auto Transport, we strive to clear your fears by providing quality east coast shipping services.

Coast to Coast Auto Transport

Autonomous Driving Safely

Number 1 Auto Transport has 30+ years of experience in coast to coast auto transport services. Contact our 5-star service for a free quote today.

Auto Transport Routes: San Diego to Portland

San Diego, California, and Portland, Oregon – Pacific Ocean seaport cities – are where residents and businesses need auto transport services. Major corporations such as BP Logix, Sony Electronics, Pfizer, and PETCO all hire employees and associates who need car transport services.

Auto Transport Routes: Denver to Chicago

Mid Atlantic States: New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Delaware

Denver and Chicago – two of America’s most loved cities – are busy locations where residents need auto transport services like Number 1 Auto Transport.

New Jersey to North Carolina Auto Transport

I-95 are the most direct routes auto transport routes carriers take when shipping your vehicle from New Jersey to North Carolina. After departure from New Jersey, the car transport carrier will connect to I-295 to I-95 once on the outskirts of New Jersey.

Auto Transport Routes: Seattle to Sioux Falls

Seattle, Washington – a coastal seaport city – is a busy location where residents need auto transport services. Major corporations such as Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, and the University of Washington all hire employees and associates who need car transport services. Seattle boasts numerous industrial, internet and technology companies