6 Maintenance Tips and Tricks Every RV Owner Should Know

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RV Maintenance Tips

Having your RV in good shape does not only save you money but ensures you get a good resale price when you want to sell it. This applies to any other vehicle, but as most of us know, the RV is a bit more complex than most other vehicles you might have. Its maintenance is unique, and you might need some guidance, especially if you are a first-time owner. Now that you know two of the reasons it’s always good to have this travel monster in good shape, let’s look at how you can effectively maintain it.

1. Change the Oil Regularly and Oil Filters as Often as Possible 

Like most other vehicles, your RV engine is something that should come as a priority. There is nothing worse than your engine failing when you are on your way to a place you have so much dreamt of being. Engine maintenance begins with regular oil changes and checking the oil filters to make sure they are in good shape more often. Check your owner’s manual if you want to know how often you need to change your oil. However, most of them will recommend an oil change for every 3000 to 5000 miles you go. It is necessary to do this now and then to make sure your engine is running properly.

2. Check Your Wheels’ Lug Nuts and Pressure

Sure enough, you may not be behind the wheel of your RV often. This means that most of the time, the RV is just seated somewhere in your garage. One thing is possible in such a situation: your tire pressure will have reduced significantly. The wheel lug nuts might have loosened up during one of your travels, keeping in mind the amount of weight the RV carries.

This is why you need to tighten the lug nuts and maintain the required tire pressure every time you take the rig for a spin. Under-inflated, old, or damaged tires can easily cause unsafe and fuel-inefficient rides. Especially if they have seen better days, they may need a replacement because overinflated ones might burst somewhere on the way, potentially causing other damages. It’s always important to ensure the wheels are in good condition.

3. Maintain Your RV’s Brakes 

Every driver will give a tale of how their car brakes saved them from a great ordeal. If your RV is in great shape, you need to ensure the brakes are always in good shape. Whenever you feel your RV brakes don’t have enough material left, it is usually good to replace them. Otherwise, you will be gambling with your life, those of the people with you, and other road users. Also, make sure the wheel bearings are nice and well lubricated.

4. Regularly Inspect the Roof

An RV will work as a shelter for you during your travels. The cold, snow, dew, and rain protect you from not going smooth on it either. That is why you need to regularly check the roof seals and seams to ensure they are in good condition. Water leaks occur through the open seams and seals of your RVs roof edges, vents, and skylights. Initial leaks may not be so apparent, and significant damage could have been done when you notice. This is why you need to make a roof inspection every 2 to 3 months, depending on your area of residence’s weather conditions.

5. Keep the Water System in Good Shape

The water system of your RV is another very critical system. You need to make sure that you are using chemicals designated to work with each system. Applying an adequate amount of fluid when flushing keeps your pipes from blocking. It is also good that you avoid excessive buildup as it may clog and render your system non-functional. Use biodegradable RV toilet paper to avoid clogging your RV sewer system.

6. Keep Your RVs Slide Outs and Seals Clean

Slides-outs need to be clean all the time. This ensures no build-up of dirt will increase the wear and tear on the sliding mechanism. Lubricate these slider mechanisms to make sure the slide-outs move in and out with ease and effectively. There are lubricants for the windows to make sure the rubber doesn’t wear, making the sealing of your RV a disaster. Failure to clean the slide-outs and lubricate the sliding mechanism and the windows could lead to damages that cost you dearly too.

Like any other vehicle, RV maintenance tips will ensure it stays in good shape. This piece has highlighted some of the top RV maintenance tips that every owner should keep in mind.