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Why Enclosed Auto Transport Is The Safest Way To Ship Your Car?

First, our enclosed hard and soft-sided carriers are the safest way to transport your vehicle. These carriers protect your vehicle from harsh elements such as wind, rain, sleet, ice, and wind-blown debris. Furthermore, an enclosed carrier secures your car, so there’s no sliding around. The specialized platform provides a gentler slope when loading or unloading, so your vehicle loads easily and safely.

What is a Soft-Sided Enclosed Auto Transport?

A soft-sided enclosed auto transport carrier is an excellent solution for shipping your vehicle across the country. These carriers protect your vehicle from branches, blowing debris, and other things that ding and damage your vehicle. Like all auto transport options, this will also help avoid accumulating thousands of miles on a single trip.

Our soft-sided enclosed carriers are also perfect for shipping luxury or sports vehicles. When your car arrives, it will maintain its beautiful finish due to the harsh elements’ lack of exposure. This will help prolong the leather interiors’ life, the sparkling chrome, and the hand-waxed paint finishes.

What is a Hard-Sided Enclosed Car Transport?

A hard-sided enclosed transport is a fully enclosed auto trailer. This protects your vehicle in the unlikely event your car is exposed to possible damages during transportation. Our hard-sided enclosed transport service is especially beneficial for owners of exotic and classic cars. The carriers (six-car enclosed trailers with two levels and above) load a hydraulic lift gate.

This makes loading smaller cars lower to the ground easier while keeping your car as level as possible. Why does that matter? It helps prevent fluid spillage or loss in transit, ensuring nothing spills out and damages your vehicle or other vehicles. Almost every hard-sided enclosed car transporter has drip pans to protect cars on the bottom rack from the transmission or other fluids from vehicles on the top rack. It also means your vehicle will show up ready to roll off and go; no fluid top-offs are needed.

Why choose hard-sided over soft-sided? Hard-sided transports offer more protection. The protection provided by soft-sided enclosed transport is excellent. Still, the security and safety found in the nearly-impenetrable shell of the hard-sided hauler are the best you’ll find on the road today. Hard-sided trailers also offer climate control, protecting your valuable vehicle from cold and heat.

Imagine having a trusted enclosed vehicle transport company shipping your collectible from New York to Los Angeles or bringing your beloved exotic car from a frigid northern city to the sunny beaches of Miami Beach’s Ocean Drive. That’s what you get with Number 1 Auto Transport.

What are the Pros and Cons of Enclosed Car Transport?


Enclosed auto transportation, or covered car shipping,  means the vehicle will be sealed in a trailer throughout its journey. This provides protection and security for the car and often comes with a higher degree of service and attention. Enclosed transport means the vehicle will be sealed from hail, snow, sleet, rocks, and other flying road debris.

Also, enclosed drivers are well-versed in high-value vehicles, so your vehicle will receive greater care. Enclosed car transport carriers will also come with higher cargo insurance coverage.

If you plan on shipping a low-to-the-ground car, most of the enclosed carriers will also be equipped with a hydraulic lift gate or extended long ramps to easily load a vehicle with low ground clearance.


The only real con to enclosed auto shipping is the higher cost. Because of the higher degree of care, higher insurance coverage, and fewer cars moved with enclosed transport trailers; this option is often more costly. There are not as many enclosed carriers today, meaning they are priced at a premium.

Fewer carriers on the road leading to the other con of shipping enclosed – longer lead time and slightly more planning needed. While open car carriers are all over and quickly scheduled, enclosed carriers will need to be scheduled further ahead and may have fewer options for delivery and pickup dates. This could be an even bigger issue if the vehicle has specific requirements, such as being wider or taller than the average vehicle.

When Should I Ship My Vehicle in an Enclosed Auto Transport?

If you answer yes to these questions, shipping your vehicle in a soft-sided or hard-sided enclosed auto transporter is likely the best choice.

  • Does your vehicle have sentimental value?
  • Does your vehicle an investment vehicle?
  • Is your vehicle a classic car, a luxury car, or an exotic sports car?
  • Is the value of your car more significant than what an open carrier insurance policy cover?
  • Does your vehicle have a high-end paint job, lots of chrome, or exterior modifications?
  • Does your vehicle have low ground clearance, including aftermarket body kits?
  • Are you transporting your vehicle at a time when there is abysmal weather expected, particularly sleet and hail from storms or high winds?

These instances are times you’d instead go with enclosed auto transport. Don’t take any chances with your high-end vehicles and custom paintwork – ship your auto securely in a hard-sided enclosed transporter through Number 1 Auto Transport!

What Is The Difference Between Enclosed Car Shipping vs. Open Car Shipping

Vehicle transportation services, whether open or enclosed, are accomplished via truck. Attached to this truck is either an open-aired trailer with multiple vehicles or an enclosed trailer carrying one or multiple vehicles to their destination.

Open-air trailers offer no protection from the elements but are suitable for the standard sedan, pickup truck, or SUV. Enclosed vehicle transportation involves shipping the vehicle in a fully enclosed trailer. This offers a higher level of protection and security for the car. Also, it provides more peace of mind for owners of new, high-value, rare, and antique vehicles.

Why Trust the Experts At Number 1 Auto Transport

Number 1 Auto Transport has over a decade of experience in the auto transport industry. We provide safe, secure, and speedy door-to-door service for your vehicle’s pickup, shipping, and delivery.

Number 1 Auto Transport is insured, so if your car suffers damage during transportation, we have you covered – our insurance will handle the claim quickly and efficiently.

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