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At Number 1 Auto Transport, we want you to do what you can to prepare your car for transport with one of our many services. Read below about some car shipping tips, news, and stories we offer as you prepare for the transport of your car.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule an auto transport service, please give us a call at 855-422-4141.

Do I Need Insurance to Ship My Car?

When you turn your car over to an auto transport company, you are putting your trust into them to take care of your baby. You’ve done the research, you’ve avoided companies with bad ratings and a log of incidents, you’ve checked all the reviews. You probably still have that nagging worry in the back of your mind though… is your car going to be okay?

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How Do Self Driving Vehicles Work?

Autonomous driving is the current aim of much of the vehicle world – almost every vehicle-maker is working towards some form of self-driving. There is so much potential in semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles. Imagine being able to commute while being on calls and dealing with paperwork the whole time! Or make a cross-country move in a vehicle that you don’t have to spend hours behind the wheel in or ship via auto transport.

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Should I Use a Driveaway Service to Transport My Car?

Driveaway services do just that – drive your car, truck, or SUV away for you! They are companies that will drive your vehicle from point A to point B. No loading of trucks, and you don’t have to be in the car if you don’t want to. Like with every type of transport, it comes with its pros and cons. Weighing the pros and cons of driveaway services can help you decide if it’s the best choice for your situation.

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Can I Pay Someone to Drive My Vehicle Across The Country?

There are a number of options for transporting a vehicle from place to place. It can be as simple as making the road trip yourself – driving your vehicle from point A to point B. That’s quite a bit of time, though, and you might not want to spend hours or even days making that trip. Hiring an auto transport company saves time, and it won’t cost all that much more… but are there other options? There is one: driveaway services.

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Is It Safe to Ship A Car?

One of the main reasons why car, truck, and SUV owners look for auto transport options is that they want to ensure their vehicle makes it safely to their next destination, wherever that may be. There are plenty of times when driving a vehicle to the next destination isn’t the best option. Maybe it’s a cross-country relocation and you need to drive a moving truck – or maybe it’s an exotic vehicle you’re moving to a car show or auction. In every case, the key factor for owners is making sure the vehicle arrives safely. You want your vehicle to arrive in the same condition it was picked up in. You might be worried that leaving it in the hands of strangers might not be the best idea.

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East Coast Auto Transport Service

We constantly hear horror stories about how other east coast auto transport companies have dropped the ball every day. Instead of reaping benefits, their customers have sweated and worried whether their automotive prized possession will be safely carried to their destination. At Number 1 Auto Transport, we strive to clear your fears by providing quality east coast shipping services.

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