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How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car

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How Much Does Car Shipping Cost?

When we are more connected with the world in today’s age than ever, it is becoming more and more common to find the need to move items, such as vehicles, long distances. Whether you have made an online purchase of a new truck or are planning to relocate to a new home, you will quickly discover it can become costly to get your vehicle to its destination. Aside from fuel, you also have to consider maintenance. The cost to ship a car can be expensive, but you can find an auto transport quote that will best meet your budget when you do your homework ahead of time.

Several factors play an essential role in deciding the cost of transporting vehicles door to door or terminal to terminal. The costs may vary significantly depending on the type of vehicle, location of origin or destination, distance, seasonal fluctuations, and transportation type. Moreover, several car transportation methods include professional car shipping trucks, mainly Open vs. Enclosed car shipping trucks.

How Much To Ship A Car?

Everything aside, what can be the approximate cost of shipping a car in the US? Below are some examples of what can affect your car shipping cost.

What Are Some Car Shipping Cost Variables?

There are a few variables that go into the car shipping cost:

  • Location: There is a bigger supply of cars for an auto transport carrier to load in the major cities than in the smaller remote towns. If a car transport carrier has to drive from a major city to a smaller one to load your car, then it will end up costing you a bit more. This is because the auto transport carrier will now have to spend more money on gas.
  • Vehicle Size: The bigger, taller, or heavier the vehicle is, the more it will cost to ship. Car carriers can only transport a certain amount of weight, and if your car is heavy, the carrier can lose a spot due to that. Also, if a vehicle is too tall or long, it would affect the car transport service carrier.
  • Time of the year (snowbird season): The type of customers that are most affected during the winter/summer months are the ones that are shipping their cars (North/South or East/West) to and from their summer home. This is all based on supply and demand. For example, as we get closer to the winter season between Sep-Nov, there are 10x more cars being transported from the North to the South or East to West than cars being shipped back up North or East. There’s a bigger supply of cars that need to be shipped than the number of auto transporters on the road. The same route in reverse can be as much as $250-$400 less.

Why Do People Ship Cars?

There are so many reasons why people get their vehicles shipped. Relocation is the primary one. Next is when the cars are sold out of state. In fact, cars that do not work also require shipping. And some people plan to save the mileage of their vintage or luxury vehicles, so they also prefer going for a car shipping service.

Exploring Your Car Shipping Cost Options

Unlike just a few short decades ago, you are no longer limited to getting quotes over the phone or in person. Those methods are time-consuming and often challenging. Now, with just a quick online search, you have access to dozens of quotes from reputable shippers in just moments.

So, just how much does it cost to ship a car? When you receive a quote, you can dictate your vehicle’s specifications, and you will quickly get a good idea of what to expect. The key is to take advantage of the fact that the car shipping industry is competitive. Dedicate a few hours to explore several options. You will likely see trends in prices to help lead you to the best choice.

Car Shipping Cost Tips

  • Make sure you consider the company’s business reputation you choose and check the reviews or testimonials they have from previous customers. Also, ask about their insurance policies and other schemes as well as discounts.
  • Question the pricing or check with other car transport service providers if you think you are being charged heavily for an inoperable vehicle.
  • Enclosed transport offers a high service value, but if your vehicle is not a luxury or classic type, open transportation is more budget-friendly.
  • If you have the flexibility, meet the carrier at a central place if you live in a hard-to-access area.
  • In peak seasons, carriers prioritize certain pickups, which may be a challenge for you during those times. So to avoid unnecessary car shipping cost spikes and availability challenges, keep track of the seasons.
  • Lastly, do not settle for your car shipping service’s cheapest cost or if it seems too good to be true. Sometimes the highest quoted price also does not qualify concerning the services you get. So ensure you are getting what you pay for.


Car Shipping Costs that Meet Your Needs

Let’s face it. Many car shippers choose from, and it can be difficult to pinpoint the best offer. Here at Number 1 Auto Transport Group, we aim to help you understand the car shipping costs.  We are here to help you get the most out of the cost and service you deserve when it comes to an asset as valuable as your vehicle. We are one of the best car shipping companies with 75 years of experience transporting all vehicles safely, securely, and speedy door-to-door service.

Thousands of vehicles are being shipped each day. A majority of them arrive at their destinations without any surprise. Choosing a reputable car shipping company can expect full coverage, affordability, and excellent service. Want to know the cost of shipping a car precisely? Feel free to contact Number 1 Auto Transport right away at 855-422-4141 to get your Free Car Shipping Quote.

Car Shipping Cost Price Chart – These are rough estimates and not final.

Route Amount Miles
Seattle, WA to Charlotte, NC $1,300 2,795
New York, NY to Los Angeles, CA $1,350 2,789
Miami, FL to San Francisco, CA $1,250 3,113
Jersey City, NJ to Dallas, TX $975 1,545
New York, NY to Dallas, TX $1,175 1,547
New York, NY to Miami, Fl $950 1,285
Baltimore, MD to Phoenix, AZ $1,100 2,277
Atlanta, GA to Tucson, AZ $975 1,733
Portland, OR to Washington, DC $1,350 2,806
Nashville, TN to Albuquerque, NM $1,075 1,220
Austin, TX to Miami, FL $700 1,350
Memphis, TN to Denver, CO $925 1,047
Orlando, FL to Chicago, IL $975 1,154
Boise, ID to Houston, TX $1,275 1,814
Philadelphia, PA to Sacramento, CA $1,275 2,784
Saint Louis, MO to Trenton, NJ $750 906
Saint Louis, MO to New York, NY $975 953
Boston, MA to Salt Lake City, UT $1,350 2,364
Las Vegas, NV to Detroit, MI $1,150 2,012
Milwaukee, WI to New Orleans, LA $1,075 1,015
Chicago, IL to Phoenix, AZ $975 1,754
Chicago, IL to Houston, TX $800 1,082
Austin, TX to San Jose, CA $875 1,716
San Antonio, TX to San Diego, CA $825 1,7176
Boston, MA to Baltimore, MD $550 404

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