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Number 1 Auto Transport is one of the safest and most reliable nationwide car transport service companies. We specialize in transporting all types of vehicles — cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, and more. Founded by longtime friends Rob and Sam, two individuals with over a decade of experience in the vehicle transport industry.  Number 1 Auto Transport adheres to the belief that your business will succeed if you do right by your customer. This mindset has been handed down by generations of both families, backed by extensive experience in all facets of the auto transport services industry. It will continue to be held in the highest regard for years to come.

Whether you want to ship a classic car, luxury car, send machinery, or a recreational vehicle, our friendly, dedicated, and knowledgeable staff will arrange a transport solution that works within your schedule and budget. So save yourself a headache! Entrust your vehicle with one of the best auto transport companies in the industry. We’ll ship a car from New York to Florida while you enjoy a short, comfortable flight to your final destination.

Why We Are A Top Car Transport Service Company

Many reasons make us one of the top car transport services companies. For instance, every Number 1 Auto Transport driver is vetted, has a clean driving record, and is in good standing with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT).  Thus, this is why we have one of the lowest damage records in the transport industry.  Finally, over the years, we’ve learned which routes are the most efficient and cost-effective — and, as a result, we can offer you the lowest possible price for the complete shipping of any vehicle.

What is more, we will never charge a deposit until your car is loaded on a truck for its destination.  The final car shipping balance is paid on delivery.  Also, we offer various payment options to many Fortune 500 corporate clients, including ACH, Wire, Net -30, Net -60, and more.

Finally, our professional team listens to the customer and understands their specific car shipping needs – height, weight, clearance, operability(or not…) winch requirements, open or enclosed transport – are all addressed upfront.  There are no surprises – in service or price – with us!  That’s why our reputation for high-quality, affordable car transport services is truly impeccable. Lastly, read our many five-star reviews on GoogleFacebook, and Transport Reviews.

Have Questions or Want a Free Quote?

Furthermore, do you feel that most auto transport companies will damage your vehicle? Well, you can gain peace of mind by dealing with the transport service experts at Number 1 Auto Transport. For instance,… every month, over 150,000 customers utilize numerous auto transport companies. Therefore, we strive to ensure all of our customers are fully satisfied; due to our staff’s dedication to ensuring no issues occur during the transport process.

Finally, did you know driving your car is more dangerous than using a car transport company? However, what many people don’t understand is just how regulated the auto transport industry is.  All auto transport companies have many rules and regulations to follow. Therefore, the biggest benefit is that your vehicle will be transported safely to its destination. Above all, whether you need a corporate relocation, military transfer, or heavy equipment transport service, Number 1 Auto Transport is your go-to for all your car transport needs.

In conclusionplease email us or call  855-422-4141 for a Free Car Shipping Quote. We look forward to giving you quick answers and showing you why we are one of the safest and most reliable car transport companies in the business. Furthermore, Number 1 Auto Transport aims to provide our clientele with the best possible service at the most reasonable and honest rates available.

Our Auto Transport Services

Learn more about our nationwide auto transport services and see what makes us the best in the business!

Client Reviews

14:09 20 Sep 21
These guys are phenomenal! I needed to get my car transported 1,100 miles from my home state. I... searched on the computer and I am not sure what database I entered my contact into, but I started receiving calls from all over the US immediately. James Ryan was the first number to call me and something told me to answer it, so I did.James was straight forward, which I respected. He told me that I was going to start getting flooded with calls and emails (which I did), he told me those companies were going to give me ridiculously cheap quotes, so they could charge you at the end (which they did), and he told me that Number 1 Auto Transport would charge a fair rate with no BS included (which they did). James made sure the process was smooth and that there was no move being made that I wasn't aware of. My car was picked at the time I requested, and was dropped off to my apartment at the exact time that I requested. My baby(car) arrived right on time, looking good as ever!I was severely apprehensive about sending my car across multiple states for the first time. I now know who I will call the next time I need to send my car elsewhere. James Ryan you are the man, dude! If we are ever in the same city, I will buy you a beer man. Be blessed brother!read more
Ashley Dupre
Ashley Dupre
20:21 11 Aug 21
I normally do not leave reviews, UNLESS I feel that there needs to be credit given, where credit is... due!! With that being said, I have to applaud Marc Rybacki at the Merrick location. Marc was absolutely WONDERFUL! He was the most professional, patient and HONEST person I've ever spoke to on the phone.He explained EVERYTHING to me, in depth, in order and answered every single question I had(I had ALOT of questions) without hesitation! He told me the EXACT process of the entire shipping car service. Due to a previous company I tried to go through, for shipping my car, I was very skeptical about getting the run around, AGAIN! I was PROMISED my car would be picked up and delivered on the exact dates I needed. . On the DAY OF pick-up, no one showed up to pick my car up. I called the previous car shipping company, only to be told that the driver who was responsible for picking my car up, had an accident and couldn't make it, so they said they had to wait on another driver to reach out to them about picking my car up. . I told them to cancel my service, I did not trust them at this point, and definitely didn't trust them to wait around for another driver! So after the disappoinment and worry of how I was going to get my car from point A to B, I figured I would try to Google another company, ONE MORE TIME! And that's when I came across NUMBER 1 AUTO TRANSPORT. I went to the website, entered my car information, my car pick-up location and drop-off location to get a quote. Within TWO MINUTES of me hitting the submit button from the website, my phone was ringing! And that's when I answered and was very kindly greeted by Marc Rybacki. I told him my issue with the previous company, told him my fears and worries trusting ANOTHER company, only to have my car not picked up, again.Marc absolutely put my fears and trust issues to rest. He had no problem explaining EVERYTHING about the entire shipping process to me. He was so very nice and was on top of the paper work and everything.Since I've made my reservations with him, I've emailed him a few times, concerned about my car being shipped, questions that popped in my head, and explaining to him that I'm a worry wart. He has been so prompt with emailing me right back! If you need your vehicle shipped, PLEASE CALL MARC at the Merrick location, I promise you'll understand this long, in depth review, and you will not be disappointed.Marc, thank you again, so very much. Number 1 Auto Transport is so very lucky to have you as a member of their team!!!!read more
Reagan White
Reagan White
18:11 01 Jul 21
I was super anxious about the process of shipping my car from FL to MA and having a hard time... finding someone who I felt I could trust. James Ryan was absolutely fantastic, transparent about the price and process of auto shipping, and extremely understanding and accommodating about some of the particulars of my situation. My car was picked up and dropped off safely and on time. I’d absolutely recommend Number 1 Auto Transport and would use them more

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