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  • We will never raise or change our quoted rate to you
  • No deposit is charged until your car is loaded on our truck, and no final balance is due until we deliver your vehicle
  • State-of-the-art equipment driven by reliable, professional drivers
  • We keep you updated throughout the car transport services process
  • You can depend on our spotless reputation and 5-star reviews

Reliable Nationwide Car Transport Services

Number 1 Auto Transport is one of the safest and most reliable nationwide car transport companies. We specialize in transporting all types of vehicles — cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, and more. Founded by longtime friends, Rob and Sam, two individuals with over a decade of experience in the vehicle transport industry. Number 1 Auto Transport adheres to the belief that if you do right by your customer, your business will succeed. This mindset has been handed down by generations of both families, backed by extensive experience in all facets of the car transport industry, and will continue to be held to the highest regard for years to come.

Whether you want to ship a classic car, send machinery, or a recreational vehicle, our friendly, dedicated, and knowledgeable staff will arrange a transport solution that works within your schedule and budget. So save yourself a headache! Entrust your vehicle with one of the best auto transport companies in the industry. We’ll ship a car from New York to Florida, while you enjoy a short, comfortable flight to your final destination.

Why We Are A Top Car Transport Service Company

There are many reasons that make us one of the top auto transport companies around. For instance, every Number 1 Auto Transport driver is vetted, has a clean driving record, and is in good standing with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT).  Thus, this is why we have one of the lowest damage records in the transport industry.  Finally, over the years we’ve learned which routes are the most efficient and cost-effective — and, as a result, we are able to offer you the lowest possible price for the complete shipping of all types of vehicles.

What is more, we will never charge a deposit until your car is loaded on a truck for its destination.  The final car shipping balance is paid on delivery.  Also, we offer various payment options to many Fortune 500 corporate clients, including ACH, Wire, Net -30, Net -60, and more.

Finally, our professional team listens to the customer and understands their specific car shipping needs – height, weight, clearance, operability(or not…) winch requirements, open or enclosed transport – are all addressed upfront.  There are no surprises – in service or price – with us!  That’s why our reputation for high-quality, affordable car transport services are truly impeccable. Lastly, read our many five-star reviews on Google, Facebook, and Transport Reviews.

Is Number 1 Auto Transport Still Operating During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

As most of the entire country is shut down due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, certain sectors including the Transportation industry, have been designated as an essential industry by the Department of Homeland Security. For this reason, Number 1 Auto Transport is still open for business and can handle any of your car transport needs.

Number 1 Auto Transport is taking the necessary precautions to safely transport vehicles without the risk of cross-contamination of the virus. For more information, check out our blog post about car transporting during COVID -19 or give us a call today. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have. Stay safe!

Have Questions or Need a Free Car Transport Service Quote?

Furthermore, do you feel that most auto transport companies will damage your vehicle? Well, you can gain peace of mind by dealing with the vehicle transport service experts at Number 1 Auto Transport. For instance… every month, over 150,000 customers utilize numerous auto transport companies. Therefore, we strive to ensure all of our customers are fully satisfied; due to the dedication, our staff takes to make sure no issues occur during the transport process.

Finally, did you know driving your car is more dangerous than using a car transport company? However, what many people don’t understand is just how regulated the auto transport industry is.  All auto transport companies have many rules and regulations to follow. Therefore, the biggest benefit is that your automobile will be transported safely to its destination. Above all, whether you need a corporate relocation, military transfer, or heavy equipment transport service; Number 1 Auto Transport is your go-to for all your car transport needs.

In conclusion, email us or call 855-422-4141 for a Free Car Shipping Quote. We look forward to giving you quick answers and showing you why we are one of the safest and most reliable car transport companies in the business. Furthermore, the goal of Number 1 Auto Transport is to provide our clientele with the best possible service at the most reasonable and honest rates available.

Read Our Client Reviews

Don Clayton
Don Clayton
03:00 29 Sep 20
My Car Handlers. What’s your most valued possessions? Family heirlooms? Jewels? For me, it’s my... classic cars. Who do you trust handling your items? When it comes to trust in Auto Transpo, there’s a lot of scammers involved with just as many horror stories from the unfortunate scammed. I was almost a victim of this. I researched some companies to get contact info. However, I didn’t research the reputations generously shared by the online reviewer community. Fortunately, my first choice fell through because the nice lady with another car mover, decided to change my form of payment from credit, to cash, after making the transport arrangements. This was the opportunity I needed to properly search for a company by their ratings. That’s when I found, “Number 1 Auto Transport.” First, they told me a firm price up front. This was $800 cheaper than the previous I almost dealt with. I realized how close I came to being ripped off as well as other disappointments from what I’ve read. Second, they arranged an accurate pick up/delivery schedule which is important to make meeting arrangements, (time off work, etc.). Third, they stuck to the contract. There were no surprises. Also, as I’ve read about other places. Considering my first attempts, I was very worried about this type of service. However, Number 1’s handling of my car moves put me at ease. They were proactive from the pickup to the delivery. That is, communications and coordination with all parties. Also, important to me, is the right balance between transactional and polite communications. They’re HQ’d in New York, but I always get more that a NY second of their time. Or, excellent phone etiquette? Yes. That’s a better way of putting it. I always got out a complete question and, the secondary call for what I forgot to ask earlier, which happening to me more frequently these days. I wonder if they could train my workplace proper phone courtesy. Just note however, you’re not getting away with chatting their ear off, they do have a complicated business to run.So, whether or not you choose Number 1, do your homework! There’s definitely info-overload from reviewers, good and bad, but it’s worth the study. Not doing so could be costly and disappointing. Lastly, thanks to all you reviewers for your postings. This was the most important service I purchased in many more
Ira Savetsky
Ira Savetsky
13:17 11 Sep 20
My car was picked up and delivered from Austin To Dallas on the same day I placed the order. The... best auto transport service ever! They really are Number 1!read more
Monserrate Jimenez
Monserrate Jimenez
23:32 02 Sep 20
Excellent service, recommended.
Monse Jimenez
Monse Jimenez
19:47 02 Sep 20
Excellent service, John Russo kept me posted of all the process. A+
Michele Yeager
Michele Yeager
03:19 31 Aug 20
They saved me! My son's car was scheduled to be picked up and the original company I booked never... picked it up. Number 1 auto saw my name on the board (all companies can see the same information since they are all dispatchers working with individual drivers) and saw that our vehicle wasn't being picked up. They also were aware of the reputation of the company i was scheduled with at the time. They emailed me asking if I still needed our car picked up. They were kind, patient, explained everything to me and very professional. I called no less than 7 companies when I started this process and none of them were polite - they were ALL rude except for Number 1 auto. They kept my expectations low by telling me exactly how it all works and that it could take up to 7 days for the car to be delivered. I was so stressed from getting screwed from One shot auto and they did everything they could to assure me they could help. It ended up costing me $375 MORE than what I was told by the first company but it was worth it. Brian and his brother were very nice! They put me in touch with the driver directly who was soooo kind. The driver did everything he could to get our car picked up as soon as possible and kept me posted the whole time. Then we were completely surprised when the car was delivered (again by someone very nice) 3 days before we expected it. The only person who wasn't nice (seems every one of these companies has at least one person who's rude on the phone) was the guy who called to arrange for delivery at our destination. He eventually softened but was quite rude initially. Anyway, the car was delivered safely (albeit filthy) and quickly. I will most definitely hire this company again and recommend them wholeheartedly. It was pricey but I believe you get what you pay for and with them, I definitely more
Dave Van Den Berg
Dave Van Den Berg
19:07 18 Aug 20
Number one auto transport fulfilled every promise they made to me from pick up date to delivery... date to the cost of the transportation. They were professional. I could reach them at any time I needed to find out the status of my delivery. I recommend them highlyread more

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