Number 1 Auto Transport Group, Inc. is a fully licensed and bonded Auto Transport Broker registered with the DOT with an MC # 796224. This agreement is between solely the customer and his, her or its duly authorized agents, (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”), and Number 1 Auto Transport Group, Inc.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

The option to cancel a shipping order is available at any time, at no cost and with no cancellation fee, as long as the order has not yet been assigned to a Carrier. Our services are considered rendered when a Carrier is assigned to an order.

Cancellation of an order must be submitted in writing via email sent to

Once a Carrier has been assigned to a shipping order, Number 1 Auto Transport Group, Inc. notifies Customer via email.

If Customer decides to cancel the shipping order after a Carrier has been assigned, a $200 cancellation fee will be assessed, as our services have been rendered.

A $50 cancellation fee will be assessed if a Carrier has not been assigned.

Contract Terms and Liability Disclaimer

  1. Carrier will pick up and deliver as close to the Customer’s door as possible. If there are low-lying trees and power lines, or the driver does not have sufficient space to turn around, you may have to meet in a parking lot or mutually agreed upon place to load or unload vehicles.
  2. Number 1 Auto Transport Group, Inc. shall provide the customer with an estimated pickup and delivery date. However, delays may occur before and/or during transport due to weather, road conditions, mechanical problems, etc. There are no guarantees regarding pick up or delivery times and dates. Number 1 Auto Transport Group, Inc. shall not be held responsible for loss or damages occasioned by delays of any kind or for any reason. Number 1 Auto Transport Group, Inc. shall not be held liable for the failure of mechanical or operating parts of the Customer’s vehicle.
  3. Carrier is authorized to operate and transport Customer’s motor vehicle between its pickup location and the destination set forth on the shipping order.
  4. All loose parts, fragile accessories, and low-hanging spoilers must be removed or secured. The customer shall remove all non-permanent, outside-mounted luggage and other racks before shipment. Vehicles must be given to Carrier in running condition (unless otherwise noted) with no more than a half tank of fuel (preferably 1/4 tank). Any part of the vehicle that falls off during transport is the Customer’s responsibility, including damages caused by said part to any vehicles(s) and/or persons involved. Please remove all toll devices, as any toll charges will not be reimbursed.
  5. 100 pounds of personal items is free of charge. (about two suitcases) Any items totaling over 100 pounds will be subject to additional charges.  Personal items are not insured and should be placed in the trunk. Number 1 Auto Transport Group, Inc. will not be held responsible for the delivery of personal property. If the Customer wishes to put items in the vehicle, he does so at his own risk.
  6. If Number 1 Auto Transport Group, Inc. is not advised of inoperable or oversized/modified vehicles before picking up, the Customer will be liable for extra charges. If a vehicle becomes inoperable after being loaded and/or during transit, an inoperable fee of 200 dollars will be added to the transport fee.
  7. Customer agrees that Number 1 Auto Transport Group, Inc. has the right to reject (cancel) any order for any reason at any time.
  8. It is the Customers responsibility to promptly inspect (exterior only) the car upon pickup/delivery. The bill of lading is the only proof for insurance companies to warrant a claim.  Please understand that insurance companies will not accept the excuse that a vehicle was delivered late or that it was too dirty to inspect.  New damage must be notated and signed on the bol by both the Carrier and the Customer.
  9. Balance due on Delivery must be paid by CASH or CERTIFIED CHECK (payable to the carrier) only. If the Balance is not paid in full upon delivery, the Carrier assigned by Number 1 Auto Transport Group, Inc. reserves the right to place the vehicle in storage at the customer’s expense until the balance is paid in full.

All claims must be submitted in writing within 24 hours of delivery. Number 1 Auto Transport Group, Inc. will share the Carrier insurance policy details upon request. The customer agrees that Number 1 Auto Transport Group, Inc. is not liable for any property damage claims due to the Carrier’s negligence.

Customer agrees and understands that Number 1 Auto Transport Group, Inc.. is a broker and acts solely in the capacity of a broker. Customer allows Number 1 Auto Transport Group, Inc. to contract with licensed and insured Motor Carrier(s), (hereinafter referred to as “Carrier”), to transport the vehicle(s) described in this shipping order. Number 1 Auto Transport Group, Inc. and Carrier reserve the right to use multiple modes of transportation, including but not limited to truck, rail, and ship.

Customer understands that he or she has read this agreement in its entirety and by continuing with the transaction, and fully understands and agrees to its terms.

Number 1 Auto Transport Group, Inc. U.S. Department of Transportation Broker’s license number is 796224.