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 Number 1 Auto Uses Lowboy Shipping for Heavy Equipment Transport Needs

Are you relocating your commercial or industrial company and need the services of a heavy equipment transport & lowboy shipping company? Number 1 Auto can transport your heavy equipment or trucks no matter what the size or destination is! If you’re looking for a heavy haul trucking equipment and transport company that offers great service at affordable prices? Number 1 is here to help you!  We have heavy equipment transporters ready in all states and cities to ship your equipment.

Number 1 Auto Transport is a licensed, bonded, and a trusted specialist in shipping your heavy equipment and machinery. We have over 10 years of experience providing heavy equipment transport services for hundreds of companies of all sizes.  Our reputation is built on our commitment to transport your heavy equipment at affordable prices safely. We offer a variety of shipping options that can meet your cargo requirements and budget needs. When transporting heavy equipment or oversized items, it’s best to use a lowboy or step deck trailer for transporting the heaviest equipment.

Heavy Equipment – Dump Truck Transport

First, don’t stress any longer about moving your dump truck from point A to point B. If you have a dump truck that needs to be moved, we can count on the heavy equipment shipping experts. Our dump truck transport and shipping service are perfect for construction businesses, dump truck dealers, and private individuals looking to ship their trucks to different US areas.

Next, it’s important to choose the right heavy equipment transport company when you are looking to transport dump trucks and other large vehicles. At Number 1 Auto Transport, our mission is to exceed your expectation. We’re dedicated to making sure your truck arrives on-time to the destination you choose and is free from any road damage. Also, we offer:

  • Great Customer Service: From the time you call us for your free quote – until your truck arrives at the destination – we’re always here to assist you with friendly service.
  • Professional Truck Transport Service: We ensure that all our drivers are friendly, courteous, and professional. We make sure they are fully trained to move all types of trucks, including dump trucks, before conducting any moves.
  • Low Competitive Rates: Finally, when you call us to get a free quote, we strive to give you the lowest possible truck shipping rate in the industry.

Lowboy heavy equipment transportThe Different Options to Our Heavy Equipment Shipping Service

It doesn’t matter what size your truck is when you use our truck shipping services. We have lowboy trailers that are designed to move even the largest of trucks. For small-sized vehicles, such as pick-up trucks, we will use an auto transport carrier. For trucks that weigh over 8000 pounds, we will most likely use a step deck trailer. And, for even bigger trucks and other large vehicles, we will use a lowboy trailer.

Why We Are Better than Other Heavy Equipment Transport and Lowboy Trucking Companies

First of all, while other heavy haul trucking companies only focus on getting your money, we look for ways to earn your trust. Construction companies love our door-to-door heavy equipment transport service when they need bulldozers, cranes and other construction vehicles moved. Industrial companies call us when they need forklifts and other heavy machinery transported from another factory. Lastly, even farmers count on us for shipping heavy equipment such as tractors and other farm equipment to their field. Some of the benefits to our heavy equipment shipping service are:

  • Door-to-Door Service – No matter if you need heavy equipment delivered to your business door or job site, we can do it
  • On-Time Delivery – You can be assured your equipment will be delivered on time
  • Tracking Capabilities – Throughout the transport, we can keep you informed of the process
  • Safe Transport – Your heavy equipment is handled by trained drivers who care about every load they carry

Why We Are Your Lowboy Shipping Car Specialist

Number 1 Auto Transport has been a leader in providing heavy equipment and lowboy transport services for customers seeking affordable, secure, and reliable transport of their vehicles. Regardless of where in the country you want to have your vehicle transported, Number 1 Auto Transport’s lowboy transport carriers are extremely versatile. Lowboy transport is notable because everything from heavy equipment, like bulldozers and dump trucks, to specialized car and truck combinations, can be transported. It’s not unusual to have lowboys transport boats and even motorhomes! The lowboy is the do-all of the vehicle transport industry. Number 1 Auto Transport’s drivers are highly skilled in lowboy transport, especially with oversized loads.

Number 1 Auto Transport has more than a decade of experience in the lowboy auto transport industry and provides safe, secure and speedy door-to-door service for the pick-up, shipping, and delivery of your vehicles and equipment.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best service at the most reasonable lowboy car transport rates available.

Number 1 Auto Transport Moves Heavy Equipment with Lowboy TransportAuto Transport Lowboy Shipping

The most efficient way to transport your vehicles and equipment is on a lowboy transport carrier. The lowboy is a long, flat platform with specialized equipment that secures massive amounts of gross tonnage. Generally, the lowboy is called upon when heavy equipment is needed. Driving a dump truck or bulldozer a long way is highly inefficient – and environmentally unfriendly. Lowboy transport allows maximum efficiency and saves time. It’s not uncommon to see a lowboy moving crane parts and oversized construction materials. These platforms distribute weight most effectively, allowing drivers the most flexibility to safely transport such a heavy load.

Lowboy Transport is Number 1 Auto Transport’s Most Versatile Offering

Do you own a boat? Have you purchased a prefabricated home? What if you have an assortment of cars and trucks? Lowboys do it all! Because the platforms are long and flat, the weight is evenly distributed. Most importantly, Number 1 Auto Transport’s drivers are extremely skilled and can make sure that unusual, oversized loads, like those mentioned above, get to their destination quickly and safely.

Contact the Best Heavy Equipment Transport Specialist Today

Finally, don’t let other heavy equipments and haul trucking companies pull the wool over your eyes. You can trust Number 1 Auto Transport – your heavy equipment transport & shipping specialist – to help you save time and money the next time you need something transported. Whether you need an excavator, generator, or mining equipment moved, let one of our heavy equipment transport experts help you. Call us at 855-422-4141 or request a free quote today! Check out our many 5-star transport reviews.

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