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Why We Are Your Exotic Car Transport Specialist

Do you have an exotic, luxury, vintage, or restored car to which you need to be transported? Are you trying to ship your exotic car to San Diego for the San Diego La Jolla Concours? Or, are you looking for a reliable exotic car transport service to move your classic or luxury car from one location to another? At Number 1 Auto Transport, we offer exotic car shipping services anywhere in the United States. Whether you are relocating to another city or heading to an auto show, we are the exotic auto transport specialist you can depend on. You can be assured your vehicle will be in safe hands with us.

Transporting exotic automobiles require special care and attention. Let us help you ease your worries and concerns! With extensive experience in providing exotic car shipping services, we know what needs to be done to transport your automobile safely. We’ve built a powerful reputation as one of the most trusted and reliable exotic car transport companies. We are insured, licensed, and bonded exotic auto transport specialists who care about your car.

The Benefits of Our Exotic Auto Transport Services

There are many benefits to our exotic auto transport services. One key benefit is that we provide the ultimate protection for your prized possession. Although weExotic car transport offer two shipping options – open and enclosed shipping carriers – we recommend choosing the enclosed carrier option. Enclosed carriers completely seal anything that may threaten the car’s value and carry the maximum cargo insurance. This helps you feel safe and secure, knowing your car is covered in case of an accident. Other benefits of our exotic car transport services include:

  • Protection from dirt and weather
  • Comprehensive insurance from the moment we take possession of your exotic car to when it arrives at the destination you desire
  • Detailed visual inspections before and after transporting your vehicle
  • State-of-the-art equipment that increases the protection of your car during transit
  • Special hydraulic lift gates to keep your car horizontal during loading and off-loading

Top 5 Things You Need To Know When Shipping Your Exotic Car

Using a professional shipping company is essential for protecting an exotic car during relocation. To ensure your investment safety, you should look into the company you plan to use. Here are the top five things you need to know when choosing an exotic car transport service company.

1. How much liability does the car shipping company cover?

You would prefer not to drive your exotic car on a roadway filled with uninsured drivers, so why would you ship your vehicle to a company whose insurance is insufficient? It is crucial to confirm how much insurance your shipping company offers in case of an accident while en route. You should be able to get ample coverage regardless of your car’s value, but make sure you know how much of a deductible is involved, so you are prepared.

2. Where will your vehicle be picked up and dropped off?

Moving can be stressful enough without wondering where your exotic car is. Before you put your car into the hands of your shipping company, make sure that you are clear on where to drop off your car and pick it up; if you are aware of any obstacles that might complicate drop-off, notify the shipping company to prevent problems later.

3. Does your shipping company have reviews online?

The most reliable indicator of a company’s performance is the quality of reviews it has received from customers. Once you know that your company has all the necessary licenses and insurance, it is time to look at reviews to determine whether the experience you read about is the one you seek. The Better Business Bureau is also an excellent resource for finding the reputation of auto shipping companies.

4. How will your vehicle be protected during transport?

Considering that your vehicle’s condition is paramount to its value, protection during transport should be a deciding factor in choosing a shipping company. Auto shipping often exposes vehicles to the elements, but you can also opt for enclosed car shipping. This is preferable for exotic vehicles, but you must ask beforehand to verify that it is an option.

5. How long will the shipping take?

Depending on the shipping company’s schedule, their transport time and your calendar may or may not line up. In some cases, shipping a vehicle ahead of time is necessary to ensure that you have access to it when needed. Ask about potential delays and determine whether the delivery time is an exact date or a window.

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