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Why Open Car Shipping Is The Cheapest Way To Transport Your Car?

For over ten years, Number 1 Auto Transport has been the leader in providing the BEST nationwide open car transport services for customers seeking affordable, secure, and reliable transport of their vehicles. Regardless of where you desire to have your car shipped, Number 1 Auto Transport’s open auto transport carriers allow your vehicle to save precious miles. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best service at the most reasonable open car transport rates.

Cheapest Way To Ship Your Car with Open Auto Transport Carriers

The cheapest vehicle transport is within an open auto transport carrier. Car dealers use open carriers because they can hold up to ten vehicles simultaneously, reducing the per-vehicle expense. Another important reason to use open auto transport carriers is for cars driven daily. Granted, your goal is not to drive the car across the country. The vehicle is driven daily; it can withstand the elements and not depreciate how a collectible or exotic vehicle would fall under the same conditions. Since people like yourself are looking to ship their “daily drivers,” this keeps expenses down.

Safely Use Open Car Transport Carriers to Ship Your Vehicle

There are regulations for open auto transport carriers to ensure cars are expertly secured to prevent shifting and calamity if there’s a sharp turn or sudden stop. Your car’s safety is ensured because it needs to be driven onto the open car transport trailer to be secured. The back of the transport is a drawbridge-style tailgate that locks the cars in place for a safe and secure ride.

Open Car Shipping: Pros and Cons

Open transport is faster and cheaper than enclosed transportation. Because more open-air carriers are in service, this shipping method offers more accessible and convenient shipping and arrival times. The fact that so many open-air carriers are on the road, plus the lesser fuel costs due to the lighter trailer, makes it the more affordable option.

However, open-air transportation has its drawbacks. Because there is no covering during transport, cars are not protected from road debris and weather hazards. This is something to consider, mainly when vehicles are transported through harsh climates. Although the final destination may have mild weather, sometimes trucks travel through sleet, ice, hail, and snow.

Peace of Mind with the Best Open Auto Transport Carrier Company

Number 1 Auto Transport is insured – You can have peace of mind knowing that in the unlikely event, your car suffers damage during transportation, we have you covered — our insurance will get the claim handled quickly and efficiently.

The Number 1 Auto Transport Advantage

  • The rate we provide our customers will never be raised or changed.Number 1 Auto Transport | Open Car Transport | | 855-422-4141
  • We do not charge a deposit until your car is loaded on our truck.
  • No final balance is due until we deliver your vehicle.
  • We provide 24hr customer service.
  • Spotless Reputation – Our customers love us; check our online transport reviews to see what our customers have said about us
  • We will keep you updated throughout the transport.
  • You can call us anytime – we are the industry’s fastest, most responsive auto transport service.