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Buying a vehicle at an auto auction is a great way to make a smart buy. Whether you are seeking that just-right vehicle for a client, looking for a smart money-maker to add to your lot inventory, or buying a vehicle as a private buyer, auto auctions offer plenty of bargains.

Purchasing is the easy part. After the purchase, you’ll have logistics to take care of – you’ll need an auto auction car transporter with plenty of experience who can give you a price that makes sense. It would help if you had something safe and reliable to get the vehicle to its final destination at a reasonable time.

Auctions We Work With

Number 1 Auto Transport provides open-air and enclosed transport to and from several auction houses across the country. Our service auctions include some of the largest single and auction house organizations.

Dealer and public auctions, including Manheim, Copart, IAA, and ADESA, are some of the country’s biggest used vehicle wholesalers. These groups include hundreds of local auctions across the country.

Copart Auto Transport Services

You can find a Copart Auto Auction in almost every state in the contiguous United States, while they also maintain an online presence. At any point, they have upwards of 150,000 vehicles in inventory. Everything from mint, ready-to-drive vehicles to restoration projects, and even parts cars that don’t run, at great prices.

Manheim Car Shipping Services

Manheim Auto Auction has been providing wholesale vehicle auctions nationwide – and even to Puerto Rico and national markets – since 1945. The 24-hour operation makes it one of the most accessible auctions across the country! It’s the largest of its kind in the world, featuring even the latest model-year vehicles. It’s perfect for used car dealerships looking to fill out their inventory regularly with quality units.

IAA Auto Auction Car Transport Services

With over 150 auto auction centers across the country, IAA – Insurance Auto Auctions – provides a variety of lightly damaged and salvaged vehicles, parts cars, trucks, SUVs, and more for auction. It’s the premier auction for project cars, parts cars, and more. Looking for a fixer-upper to work on? Need parts for an existing project? IAA provides written-off vehicles at meager prices.

ADESA Auto Auction Vehicle Shipping Services

Specializing in low-mileage, single-owner vehicles, ADESA is one of the country’s most diverse auto auction companies – and often extends beyond cars, trucks, and SUVs. Besides wholesale, off-lease, and rentals, you can also find RVs, boats, personal watercraft, motorcycles, heavy trucks, heavy equipment, and even salvage vehicles, depending on the auction site.

At Number 1 Auto Transport, we already have great relationships with these auto auctions and are accustomed to how they operate. Some of them feature tight hours of operation, while others, like Manheim, often offer 24-hour operation. Some offer forklift helps to load, others have loading gate fees, and some have both. Storage is also dependent on the auction, with some offering long-term storage for free or inexpensive rates, while others have only short-term storage and high daily storage fees, meaning you need

Exotic Auctions, Private Auctions, and more!

While those are the Big Four across the United States, there are plenty of other auctions. Maybe you’re making a private buy from one of the boutique auctions like Mecum or Barrett-Jackson, where there are head-turning supercars, exotic vehicles, and classics. Perhaps it is just a local unaffiliated auction house or a private auction. While the major auction houses are excellent places to find great deals on modern and lightly used vehicles, these smaller auctions are usually the best place to find something unique.

Online auctions are another popular auction method of buying these days. From classics on Autotrader to whatever goes on eBay Motors, online auctions cover plenty. This could mean anything from solo sellers doing direct person-to-person pick-ups to car collections and car clubs unloading models they no longer want to display. Like Mecum and Barrett-Jackson, these are incredible opportunities to find unusual, unique vehicles at great prices. Because of the nature of online auctions, there are even more wrinkles thrown into the fix than auctions run at brick-and-mortar auction houses.

You need to partner with a team like Number 1 Auto Transport, which has experience navigating those waters. We’ve dealt with these wrinkles in the past and know how to respond to them, making for a seamless experience for both the auction and the buyer. We have developed relationships across the country to ensure your auction purchase gets to you quickly and in as-purchased condition. Our team will communicate with you and the auction company/seller to ensure that everything is squared away and everyone gets treated right throughout the process.

What You Need for Auction Transport

When you get a vehicle through auction and require car shipping, truck transport, or SUV transport, you’ll need to provide specific paperwork for Number 1 Auto Transport to be able to pick up and relocate your vehicle. Our drivers will need various paperwork and information, depending on the auction house. This could include:

  • A gate pass, especially with Manheim when picking up after-hours
  • Your buyer number
  • The stock or lot number for the vehicle being picked up
  • The VIN, or partial VIN for your vehicle

There may be additional information that the auto transport team and the auto auction need to make your vehicle pick-up go smoothly. At Number 1 Auto Transport, we know the right questions to ask you and the auction to ensure everything is ready.

How Much Does Auto Auction Car Transport Cost?

With so many vehicles going through auction houses, transporting vehicles to and from these auctions generally doesn’t cost much more than house-to-house or dealer-to-dealer auto transport. We work with you to detail the best options and develop an accurate quote regarding cost and time.

Most of the auction transport cost comes purely from the mileage, so a closer delivery will be much cheaper. Other factors come into play – as noted earlier, some auctions have loading fees or gate fees.

This is on top of the usual cost factors. Pick-up and drop-off points will impact the price, depending on difficulty and proximity to terminals—your need for enclosed or large-vehicle carriers instead of the normal open-air trailers. Even the time of year can cause fluctuations in the end price, and the time it will take to make the trip.

We will work with you to minimize these costs to provide an inexpensive yet high-quality auto auction transport option with reasonable transfer times. Reach out to our customer service team at Number 1 Auto Transport to start working on your vehicle transport quote for your upcoming auction purchases!

Number 1 Auto Transport is dedicated to helping you achieve the best auto auction transport experience from the minute you make your final bid to when we drop it off at your house or business. On-time delivery, great customer service, and honest rates for cars, trucks, and SUVs from brand-new to used to mint classic and exotic cars. Work with one of the fastest-growing auto transport teams in the auto auction transport business! Contact Number 1 Auto Transport today!