Five Things to Look for in a Car Transport Company

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5 Important Items of Choosing a Car Transport Company

Whether you’ve purchased or sold a vehicle out of state, are moving, or just relocating temporarily for your job, one of the easiest decisions is to have your vehicle shipped. Not only does this spare you from a stressful and expensive road trip, but you’ll also spare your car unnecessary wear and tear.

To help you find the right auto shipping company for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of five things to look for in a car transport company:

1: Do They Offer a Free, No-Obligation Car Shipping Quote?

Be wary of car shippers who charge “refundable fees” or “deposits” before you’ve even begun creating a shipping plan. Other companies will refuse to provide a firm written quote for their service because they can’t slide hidden fees anywhere.

A reputable auto shipping company will happily offer you a free auto transport quote without any obligation.

2: Are They Properly Insured?

Insurance coverage is essential to ask about when shopping around for auto shippers. Sometimes if a shipping quote seems too good to be true, it’s because the quote doesn’t account for comprehensive insurance that will protect against any possible damages during shipping.

Most car insurances don’t allot for coverage while your vehicle is on transport, so insurance on the shipper’s behalf is essential — and truly considered a “must” in the industry.

3: Do They Have All the Details Ironed Out?

The right auto transport company will have all the plan details ready for you to chat about your quote.  Along with knowing all the best routes to take and using GPS systems designed to look out for construction, weight restrictions, and other detours, they’ll also be able to assure you with details like:

  • When will they pick up the car, and where
  • How long the transporter expects the route will take
  • Which services (like terminal drop-off/pickup or door-to-door) are included in the fee?

And as mentioned in the previous point, they’ll tell you about their insurance coverage and level of experience during this time — especially if you think ahead to ask.

4: Speaking of Experience… It Counts!

Don’t be afraid to ask about the company’s level of experience. The auto shipping company is a time-sensitive and complex business… and it’s also pretty competitive. That means finding out who stands out above the rest is important. Some questions you can ask to learn about their experience level include:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • How many vehicles do they ship per year?
  • What is the vetting process for their drivers?

Here at Number 1 Auto Transport, we bring you over a decade of experience in transporting all types of vehicles, like cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, boats, and even heavy equipment transport.

5: Do They Have Good References & Reviews?

It’s pretty easy to search in Google and find auto transport reviews on any given company, and the same holds for auto shippers. Not only can you get more details on the company this way, but you can also ask them for references during your quote and consultation — a good shipper will be happy to provide extra references if need be!

Remember these five things to look for in a car transport company when choosing the best auto shipping company will save you time, money, and stress during a time that should be pleasant — like a vacation or a time when you’ve got enough on your plate, like a big move or temporary job relocation.

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