A How-To Guide To Passing Your CDL Test The First Time

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Helpful Tips To Passing the CDL Exam 

You’ve finally decided to get a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and are probably anxious about sitting for the written test. Relax, you are not alone. Every year hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country attempt to pass their CDL test for the very first time. So, if you plan to get your CDL anytime soon, you might as well be prepared. Here is a how-to guide to passing.

Relax and Stay Calm

Relaxing is essential, especially if you plan to take this test within the next few days or weeks. Try exercising or meditating before taking your CDL written test if you have difficulty staying calm. Your blood pressure must be stable too.  If not, some states might refuse to let you take it immediately because they don’t want to risk a potential accident that could be attributed to the poor mental state of the driver.

Take Practice Tests Online

While a handbook will give you a basic overview of things, it doesn’t prepare you like practice tests. Many sites online allow you to take simulated exams in preparation for your real one. Make sure to choose one with questions similar to those on the actual exam. Some sites even list which questions are more likely to come up than others.

Consider taking multiple practice tests in a row until you score about an 85% or higher on each. It might be exhausting, but doing so would help prepare yourself for that written permit test much better than if you were to take short “snack break” sized tests, which wouldn’t probably even cover half of what’s on your actual exam papers. 

Get an Early Start On Your Study

If possible, start studying for at least two weeks or even one month before you plan to take that written exam.  Studies show that people have significantly lower chances of passing their examinations when they cram at the last minute than those who start studying early.   

People who cram at the eleventh hour of their lives have a much lower chance of passing than those who start studying early; starting early brings you one step closer to getting your CDL license and starting work. The higher the percentage or number value you achieve on the exam, the more likely you will pass it.

Read and Follow Directions Carefully

While it is true that people are often easily bored by reading paragraphs upon paragraphs of instructions, still what they don’t understand is that doing this serves as a brain teaser and sometimes even surprises them if they were expecting something else than what they read on those instructions on how to take this test (kinda like an “aside bonus”). 

So when taking your CDL test, be careful not to skip any pages or answer any questions before you finish reading those particular instructions.

Review Your Pre-Trip Inspection Formulas

While you can expect tons of questions on general knowledge about driving commercial vehicles from all over North America (B-train double trailers, C-doubles, tank, straight trucks), there will also be some questions about the pre-trip post-trip inspection forms.  Some states require particular formulas for inspecting your equipment before, during, and after a trip for commercial vehicles. Before showing up to take your test, do some studying on this specific knowledge because you might get a nasty surprise if you don’t expect it. 

Get Familiar With Your Road Rules

When you are taking your CDL exams, expect that there will be at least one question from the general road rules in each exam. These questions usually ask about what a freeway is (highway with no access or entrance ramps to it and higher speed limits), how many seconds you have to respond when someone honks their horn behind you while driving (all drivers involved in two-car collisions must respond within four seconds; hitting the brakes could lead to an impending accident), etc. 

When taking your practice tests, answer these questions carefully, as even seemingly simple road rules could throw you off guard.

Take practice tests online to ensure you’re ready to pass your exam on the first try. Doing so will give you an early start and help familiarize you with how the test is formatted. You should also read directions carefully and get a head start by studying now instead of waiting until just before your scheduled appointment date. Finally, stay calm during all parts of the testing process; if you can manage stress levels throughout this time, they’ll be easier for you in other aspects, too- like when you start driving. 

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