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Regardless of the different types of auto transport carriers we’re using when you book through Number 1 Auto Transport. You can be guaranteed that it is modern and in perfect working order. We only work with carriers who use the safest, most secure, and most reliable transport methods.

The best part is that while it might be interesting to talk about all of these auto transport carriers, you’ll have our team here at Number 1 Auto Transport to help you figure out your best option. We’ll ensure you’re getting the safety, security, and cost savings you seek while knowing your vehicle is safe. Reach out to our team today!

Open Transport Trucks

Open to elements, these types of auto transport carriers are the most widely used, as they are inexpensive and efficient. They can be loaded up with most vehicles, thanks to being topless and lightweight.

Single Car Open Trailer

Single-car open transport is often hauled behind a heavy-duty truck, usually a dually with a high torque engine. They are the lowest and most compact transport option available, meaning they can transport vehicles into hard-to-reach destinations, down tight roads, or through areas with low clearances.

These are often used for short delivery trips or transport situations with unique demands. They will be used for expedited door-to-door transport from time to time – the direct option is beneficial and handy and carries a stiff price tag.

Single-Level, Multi-Car Open Trailer

Usually a gooseneck trailer or a cramped trailer, the single level means it can haul vehicles in areas with low overheads. Depending on the size, they can hold anywhere from 2-4 vehicles. The length of the trailer makes them a bit less maneuverable than a single-car hotshot trailer.

However, similar to the single-car, they’re great for taking to places where clearance may be doubtful. They also have the advantage over the multi-car trailer in that they can be pulled by dual-wheeled pick-up trucks with a gooseneck or a lightweight chassis with dual wheels. This allows for greater flexibility and team driving for faster transport.

Multi-Level, Multi-Car Open Trailer

When someone mentions a car or truck transporter, you usually think of high-volume trailers with two levels. With incredible engineering and great operators, these trailers can move up to 10 vehicles in one shot. These are bulk movers that aren’t logical for door-to-door transport. Instead, these run from terminals to terminals, dealerships, auctions, and more. That being said, almost any car, truck, or SUV on the road today has been on one of these at one point or another. Due to the weight, these require a semi-truck to tow and are restricted due to height and maneuverability issues.

Covered – Enclosed Auto Transport

Just as with open transport, covered transport comes in various sizes. The enclosed trailers provide superior protection against the elements, wayward debris, and other things that may damage your vehicle throughout transport.

Single Car Enclosed Trailer

Like the open version, a single car-covered transport is often hauled behind a dual-wheeled truck. However, these can also be used as motorcycle haulers and sometimes hold three or four motorcycles when palletized. They are similarly used for short delivery trips or transport situations with unique demands.

Like the open trailers, they will also be used for expedited door-to-door transport – but a covered, single-car hauler is perhaps the most expensive method of transporting a single vehicle, especially over long distances. That being said, for transporting classic, exotic, and high-end luxury cars, they offer the most security and safety of any method.

Single Level, Multi-Car Enclosed Trailer

These depart a little from their open-version cousins. While they still haul vehicles on a single level, they don’t benefit from being ramped or goosenecked to the hauling truck. This means they are usually limited to two vehicles, possibly three if they are smaller. Like the single-car closed trailers, though, these are often used as motorcycle haulers and can sometimes haul up to 6-8 bikes in a single load!

Multi-Level, Multi-Car Enclosed Trailer

While these don’t have quite the carrying capacity of their open-air counterparts, these towering, enclosed trailers usually haul up to 6 vehicles. You may find them in soft-sided – sometimes called curtain-sided – trailers, as well as hard-sided. They will sit low to the road to make sure they can clear low-clearance highway bridges. Though they may have issues off the freeway and highways, drivers have to be careful.

There are different types of multi-level, multi-car trailers as well. Some use an exterior ramp to move the cars to the second level, while others have a top level that can be raised or lowered independently. The size and weight of these trailers require a semi-truck to move.

Heavy Equipment Transport

Big, bulky, heavy equipment and commercial or industrial trucks require special considerations and special equipment. You’re not going to stack these up behind a truck or fit them in small, enclosed trailers.

Instead, these units are almost always open-air, lowboy trailers. The low ride height makes it easier to clear low bridges and load heavy equipment. It also keeps the center of gravity low to the ground for stability.

Let Number 1 Auto Transport Uses The Best Auto Carriers

At Number 1 Auto Transport, our auto transport carriers are designed to make your car delivery service a safe and secure experience. Whether you have a car, truck, motorcycle, classic car, or even tall, heavy equipment, we can handle it. No matter where you want the vehicle picked up or dropped off, we are there with you every step. All of our car delivery services come with complimentary door-to-door delivery. For these reasons, many customers have relied on us for their car shipping service needs.

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