How to Be Safer on the Road

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Road Safety Tips

Unfortunately, car and road accidents can happen when we least expect it, which isn’t always in our hands. That doesn’t mean, however, that we shouldn’t do everything possible to protect ourselves. So, to help you reduce the risk of an accident, follow these tips to be safer on the road.

Leave Early in Case of Traffic 

Planning is essential before heading out anywhere. Understandably, even with the right GPS and great mobile apps, we can’t always predict traffic jams or the state of the road. As such, it’s best to leave the house a little earlier to give yourself enough in case you get stuck in traffic. If you have an appointment or need to pick up your kids from school, calculate how long it takes to get to your destination and include extra time for unexpected occurrences. 

Follow the Speed Limit

It may be tempting to speed up a little when you’re running late, but this is an accident waiting to happen. As mentioned above, give yourself enough time to get to your destination. Invariably, always adhere to the speed limit provided to avoid any dangers on the road. Speed limits exist for a reason, so you ought to obey them. Moreover, be mindful of other drivers on the road. Use your indicators to notify them of your intentions to avoid an accident. By paying attention to other drivers’ indications, you can also avoid trouble caused by a dangerous, speeding driver. 

Take Breaks During Long Trips 

Exhaustion can quickly take over during a long car ride; therefore, you must take short breaks to recharge yourself. Avoid overexertion by preparing for the long journey in advance and avoiding getting behind the wheel unless you are entirely up for it. For any long car journey, you need to give yourself plenty of breaks to stay awake and feel well-rested and energized for the ride. 

Keep Up with Car Maintenance

You’ll be much safer on the road if you keep up with car maintenance. Make a checklist to ensure everything is up to par at all times. You’ll want to inspect your tires to maintain their condition, change the oil and engine air filter, test the lights and check the fluids, and handle any repairs as soon as they arise. Moreover, book a thorough inspection before taking your car on a long drive. 

Purchase Auto Insurance

You need car insurance as it protects you, your family members, and any other passengers or drivers on the road if an accident occurs. The insurers from InsuranceNavy explain that the right car insurance will ensure you get enough coverage for the costs of injuries incurred and property damage caused by a fender bender. Finances from medical costs to auto repairs can accumulate, adding an extra burden to an already stressful time. By purchasing auto insurance, you ensure everyone’s health and safety in the accident and save yourself money in the long run. 

Avoid Drinking or Eating & Avoid Distractions

Unsurprisingly, it would be best not to eat or drink anything when driving your vehicle. Activities like drinking coffee can hinder your reflexes and cause an accident. Ensure both hands are on the wheel and focus on the road ahead. Drinking and eating are not the only distractions to avoid; the smartphone is a leading cause of road accidents. Opt for the Bluetooth hands-free car kit for phone calls and avoid texting until you have parked your car for safety. 

Check the Forecast

We have the weather forecast on our smartphones for a reason, so check it before heading out. Knowing the weather conditions that await you can prevent you from getting behind the wheel and into an accident. If you can, avoid driving in heavy weather conditions; if you can’t, plan your trip early with caution.

Control Your Road Rage 

Understandably, even the best and the most patient of us can succumb to road rage when exposed to careless and selfish drivers. However, road rage can cloud your judgment and put you in a predicament you wouldn’t be in otherwise. Do your best to remain calm behind the wheel, take deep breaths, and control your temper. 

While you can’t predict others’ actions, and you can’t always avoid an accident, you can do your best to reduce the risks. Things as simple as following the speed limit and avoiding distractions like texting are in your hands and mean the difference between life and death.  That’s why following the above tips will ensure you avoid situations that could be detrimental to your health and safety. 

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