How to Avoid Car Accidents

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Car Accident Causes and Prevention

Every few days, you probably hear about someone who got hurt in a car accident. Some people make it out fine and get out of it unscathed, while others suffer serious injuries or don’t survive to tell their story. Unfortunately, even the lucky ones who could walk away without a scratch have their cars destroyed suffer financial consequences. Luckily, car accidents can be avoided when you know the common causes that lead to them. Here’s everything you need to know and how you can prevent these unfortunate circumstances.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents. This can be caused by anything that can compel you to take your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel, and this includes daydreaming, texting, eating, drinking, or checking your makeup. All of these things can cause you to be distracted and lead to a road accident that doesn’t only endanger you but also others on the road. Even if you think that it is just for a second, bear in mind that a lot can happen in this timeframe You can avoid distracted driving by focusing on the road, using headphones while talking on the phone, and pulling over if you want to text, check your phone, or eat something. Distracted driving could also be caused by someone in the passenger or back seat, especially if they give you sudden directions. Make sure you study the directions of the destination you’re going to if the alternative is making sharp and sudden turns.

Drunk Driving

People who drive drunk or under the influence of drugs are a danger to themselves and everyone else. Drunk driving isn’t only dangerous, but it is also illegal. You might think that if the alcohol you have consumed is below the legal limit, then it is safe for you to drive, but you can’t be more wrong about that. Remember that your motor coordination, sight, and judgment are impaired as long as the alcohol is in your system. Some prescription drugs can also dull your senses, so it is advised to ask your doctor if it is safe to go behind the wheels if you take these meds. You can easily avoid accidents caused by drunk driving by taking a cab or asking a friend to drive you instead of driving yourself while under any influence.


Most people take speeding for granted, but you don’t know that most fatal accidents result from overspeeding. Some individuals speed because it’s thrilling or does so when they are late for an appointment. Others use speeding as an emotional outlet. Whatever your reason is for driving fast, it is not worth risking your or anyone else’s life. Speeding gives you less time to react or take control of your vehicle, resulting in a huge collision, injuries, and maybe even death. Bad weather conditions, like heavy rain or snow, and speeding are also a dangerous combination because you can find yourself losing control of your car. You have to drive below the speeding limit to avoid inadvertently exceeding it, but remember not to drive too slow because it isn’t safe, either. Make sure to leave early when you have an important appointment to avoid speeding to get there in time. You should also check the weather and traffic conditions to adjust your schedule. If the weather is unfavorable, it is advised to stay home because you can’t guarantee that others will do the same on the road even by being careful.

No matter how safe of a driver you are, you should never text and drive, and you should always keep your eyes on the road, make sure you’re driving while alerting and avoid drinking and driving at any costs – even if you think you’ve only had a little alcohol. In a split second, you can end your or someone else’s life, or you can cause yourself or someone else a permanent disability. Accidents can be avoided if you stay careful and drive safely, and remember that by driving while distracted, you wouldn’t only be putting your own life in danger – you’d be endangering others.

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