Door To Door Auto Transport

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What is Door to Door Auto Transport?

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Door to Door auto transport is the best option for anyone wanting their car shipped as quickly as possible. If timing isn’t an issue for you, you can opt for terminal to terminal transport. However, this method is not recommended because the vehicle would be transported by many parties.

Door-to-door is also the preferred method because you get to meet the driver, and personally, inspect vehicle together on pickup and drop off. This will eliminate most of the anxiety of not knowing exactly who is transporting your car.

Shipping your car door to door in our industry doesn’t truly mean door to door. Depending on the type and size of the car carrier, if the truck can’t get to the physical address on pickup or delivery due to either the size of the streets or low hanging trees, they will try to get as close as possible.

Can I transport my vehicle door to door?

It is possible to transport your vehicle via door to door, but it also depends on the type of truck (carrier) that are delivering the vehicle. In the event that there are low hanging trees, this adds to the risk factor to double-decker trucks that are carrying cars on top deck. The branches would scratch the vehicle resulting in damage.

Depending on the neighborhood layout, sometimes it is not feasible for a vehicle to be delivered to the actual address. Smaller streets prevent drivers from being able to turn around and unload vehicles. On shorter routes, smaller trailers have an easier time getting into tight spots. On these specific routes, the trailer will not hold the usual nine cars on it, but a lesser amount.

Is door to door shipping better than terminal to terminal?

Another option besides door-to-door is transporting from terminal to terminal. However, this is not the preferred method because there isn’t any insurance liability at these facilities, and your vehicle changes hands more than once. More customers are opting for our “door to door” method for convenience and peace of mind.

If you are planning on shipping your car, we recommended our door to door auto transport services as it will be the quickest and most convenient car transport services we can provide.