How to Move Your Car During a Pandemic

Preparing your car for transport during COVID-19

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Transporting Your Car During Covid-19

As many throughout the United States grapple with job losses, school closures, and sick relatives to take care of, millions of residents have had to rapidly pivot their plans in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With cost and safety at the forefront of everyone’s minds during this emotionally and economically challenging time, Number One Auto Transport can help relieve the burden of planning logistics and details involved in moving a vehicle across the country.

During a public health crisis, the last thing someone should have to consider is logistical details for moving their vehicle or transportation due to a change in their work or family situation. Whether you are a nurse, doctor, or healthcare professional traveling for work, facing a sudden unexpected move, or dealing with the loss of a loved one: during a time of heightened stress, save yourself the headache and let the experts handle transporting your car for you. Number One Auto Transport has years of experience in transporting cars, boats, motorcycles, and just about every vehicle you can think of. Since its founding in 2012, they have always understood that customers should come first. With countless 5-star reviews and a wide range of options (including enclosed and open transport), they can provide customers with affordable car delivery ranging from short trips with door-to-door service to coast-to-coast moves.

In addition to being a cheap and affordable option for car transport, choosing Number One Auto Transport during this time can help protect you and your family members from unnecessary contact or illness. Imagine trying to transport a vehicle yourself across multiple state lines during a time when many states have declared quarantine policies and shelter-in-place orders for their residents. Think of all the opportunities you may encounter that may put you at risk: gas stations, restaurants, and hotels. The safety and social distancing protocols each state has in place might even change while you are on the road, making it difficult to plan your trip. Instead of putting yourself in a vulnerable position, consider how helpful it would be to have your car safely delivered while focusing on other important priorities in your life. Number One Auto Transport’s drivers are known for their excellent customer service, and the company prides itself on treating customers with the respect and care they deserve. They even have helpful tips on protecting yourself by taking repossession of your car when it arrives safely at its destination and has made changes in their inspection and handoff process to accommodate social distancing recommendations when possible.

The coronavirus has forced many people to reflect on the things that matter in their lives. Let Number One Auto Transport help you get back to focusing on the things that matter. Their transparent pricing, free quotes, and user-friendly website will help you move your car effortlessly. Keep yourself and your family safe by having your car transported affordably from door to door by professionals.

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