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    How to Choose a Reputable Car Shipping Company.

    If you plan on moving out of state and don’t have an extra body to drive your car, choosing a reputable auto shipping company is your best option. Knowing how car shipping works will help alleviate the stress that comes from worrying about the trip.

    Step 1: Request Auto Transport Quotes

    Step one is crucial because the information you submit to the auto transport company will give you an accurate price, date of pickup, and estimated delivery date.

    The company’s basic information is name and address, phone number, email, make, vehicle model, pickup city, and destination city. They will also want to know if you have a preferred car transportation date in mind.

    Knowing the vehicle’s make and model will help determine a price based on weight and measurements, while the pickup and destination cities factor into the total mileage for the move.

    Step 2: Settle On a Cost to Ship Your Car

    Once you’ve submitted the necessary information, the auto transport company will give you a rate. If the amount is agreeable, you will likely be required to pay a deposit once the vehicle has been loaded on the truck. The balance of the total transportation costs will be due upon delivery of the vehicle at the destination.

    Before you agree to pay a deposit, carefully read the contract and ask questions about sections that you’re unfamiliar with or need more clarification. It is also a good idea to read customer reviews about the auto transport service company you chose. This is to ensure you are dealing with a reliable auto transport service with a proven track record.

    checking the carStep 3: Preparing Your Car for Transport

    Once you’ve paid the deposit, it’s time to prepare your car for transport.

    Perform a quick check to ensure all fluids are filled to the appropriate levels, and all tires are properly inflated. To avoid any additional weight charges, leave only one-quarter of a gas tank in the car and remove any heavy items that may be in the trunk.

    Next, remove toll readers and turn off your car alarm, if necessary. If the car passes through a toll gate, you might get charged if the reader is in a prominent position. Finally, please remove all of your personal possessions and pack them with the rest of your items.

    Step 4: Vehicle Inspection & Auto Transport Bill of Lading

    When the transporter comes to ship your vehicle, a representative will inspect your car with you. Be sure to check for any dents, scratches, or body damage and record the inspection sheet’s information accurately.

    Next, you will receive a copy of the inspection report and the bill of lading, and your vehicle will be loaded onto the auto carrier. Keep every document in a secure place because you’ll need them to claim your vehicle at the final destination.

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    Dozens of Car Shipping Companies

    Car shipping companies can be found all over the Internet. One search engine result can net you hundreds of shipping companies to choose from. However, the real puzzle is finding car shipping companies you trust and can rely upon. So how do you find car shipping companies you trust, you ask?

    Choosing Car Shipping Companies You Trust

    A reliable car shipping company must be able to deliver on its first promise. In other words, the shipping company must follow what they said will happen throughout your auto transport. It all starts with a free quote. You want a company that will make you feel like they are honest and professional. Beware, not all shipping companies are what they say they are.

    customer serviceA car shipping company you can trust must keep you informed throughout the auto transport process. Many car shipping companies only contact you before and after delivery. This leaves you wondering if your car is safe. However, a reputable car shipping company will provide several updates to ease your concern. It also helps if they give you the car transport truck driver’s phone number. Other ways to checking for trustworthiness in a shipping company are:

    • Ask if a car shipping company offers insurance?
    • Ask how responsible are the truck drivers?
    • Research what other people are saying about the shipping company?
    • Check the BBB for their business rating.

    Ready to Request an Auto Transport Shipping Quote?

    Choosing the right auto shipping company should never be a hassle. Whether you’re moving to the next state or the other side of the country, contact Number 1 Auto Transport for a cheap car shipping quote and friendly service today.

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