Moving Across the Country: Things to Consider

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 Should I Move Myself Across Country or Hire a Moving Company?

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A number of life’s circumstances can lead to long distance moving. For example, many people make cross-country moves for employment opportunities, and some others move to be near loved ones. No matter the circumstance, most cross-country trips are no fun to execute, and they require plenty of logistical planning and organizational skills to accomplish successfully. Here are some key points to consider when making the move across numerous state lines for both your household items and when it comes to shipping your car.

DIY Moves Versus Shipping Company Moving Services

Single people who are on tight budgets often consider the do it yourself (DIY) move to save money on the cost of moving cross country. Their moves are pretty straightforward and include carefully packing up their belongings, reserving rental trucks, securing people to load and unload trucks and driving the vehicles to their final destination. Moving trucks can be rented fairly cheaply, and single people who are traveling by themselves with a vehicle can opt to get a truck with a trailer for their car. Although it might be convenient to rent a trailer behind the truck to transport your car yourself, pulling a trailer takes some experience and skill to maneuver a truck with a trailer. One can hire people or get friends to help load and unload the truck at both locations. However, the full services of shipping companies are needed for families and people with a lot of household goods or multiple vehicles. These shipping companies are moving experts, but if accidents do happen, they are also covered by insurance. For the additional cost of using a good shipping service, one gets peace of mind that one’s valuables are being transported safely and vehicles are not racking up unnecessary mileage.

Long Distance Moving Inventory Management

Many people who are not logistics professionals do not know how important it is to carefully track and manage their goods until something gets lost or stolen during a move. Inventory management is important in DIY moves because it allows movers to unpack their goods in a systematic and efficient manner. The practice is critical when using moving services because some boxes or valuable items can get lost, stolen or broken, and it is hard to recover or get reimbursed for items that were not properly inventoried in the first place. Taking photos with your smartphone’s camera is a great way to document the condition of furniture, appliances, and vehicles before they are handed over to shipping companies.

Cost of Moving Across Country

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The key to getting the most out of using shipping services is to choose one that is highly reputable. Some companies promise secure transport of household goods and entice unsuspecting consumers with low prices. However, these prospective customers must be wary because unscrupulous movers can charge more after a move is underway, hold the goods hostage until the extra charges are paid in full and tack on extra storage fees while disputes are ongoing. There have also been situations in which valuable items are broken or “misplaced” when disputes go on unsettled for too long. These are all things to consider in choosing a cross country mover to ensure that your transition goes as smoothly as possible. Regulations differ for moving companies that only operate locally and those that service interstate moves. It is best to thoroughly check out the reviews of shipping companies through consumer advocacy and business review platforms like the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List and Yelp before signing shipping contracts.

Moving across the country?

While it makes sense for some people to perform DIY cross-country moves, families that own multiple vehicles may need the help of shipping their cars with a reputable auto transport company. For example, people who want to avoid excess wear and tear while getting their cars, motorcycles or boats cross the country should get in touch with one of our car shipping professionals for a free quote.

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