Should I Sell or Ship My Car?

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Sell or Ship My Car?

If you’re moving cross-borders and have a car, you may have a question like, “should I sell my car or ship it?” Well, there are pros and cons to both options. However, it ultimately comes down to your plans regarding the car and several other factors

Keep reading if you need help deciding whether to sell your car or get it shipped by a reliable car shipping service provider.

Consider These Factors

Before finalizing your decision, you’d want to take a look at these factors to ease the process further:

Vehicle Specifics

The size and model of your car, in particular, play a vital role in helping you make the decision. For instance, if you own a vintage or luxury vehicle, these are hard to replace. So you’d instead consider having it shipped door-to-door, mostly in an enclosed carrier. But if you own a sedan, SUV, or minivan, their shipment quotes will vary. Shipping is appropriate if you aren’t in a position to invest in a new car. If your car is old and not functional, sell it.


Popular or hard-to-reach routes incur more expenses. Also, the longer the distance, the higher the shipping costs. So this way, selling the car seems like a more reasonable option, but shipping is ideal if the distance is around 500 to 1000 miles.

Time of the year

When it comes to shipping, the season is a crucial deciding factor. You may get reasonable rates in winter, but these get sky-high during summer. Where winters may slow down the delivery time, summers may demand bookings with car transport services. If these don’t suit you, you can certainly sell your car, but it’ll be practical to arrange to ship.

Car Shipping Costs

Costs by different auto transport companies vary depending on numerous factors. Plus, these fluctuate based on season, route, type of carriage, etc. However, it still makes sense to ship the car as the charges would clearly be more feasible than investing in a brand-new vehicle. If you can get a less expensive vehicle at the price you sold your old car at, that’s a different scenario.


Not always do vehicles hold a monetary value. They may also have a sentimental attachment, or you could still have a few years left on the lease. Plus, the hassle of finalizing a new car will probably leave you without one for at least a few weeks, which makes it so inconvenient, especially when you’re in a new location. In that case, get the vehicle shipped.


If the automobile in question is your primary vehicle and you also plan to drive it in the new location, it’s useful in the coming years to get it shipped. But if the car is barely functional and stands there only for nostalgia, initiate a sale.


The condition of your vehicle majorly decides whether you should sell it or ship it. If it’s relatively new or worth fixing within a reasonable budget, hire car shipping services. But sell it if it needs fixing that isn’t worth the time, money, effort, and future.


At times, carp owners don’t use the vehicle now but may have greater plans for it. They may be saving it for their child or plan on fixing the car. If those are your thoughts as well, get your vehicle shipped. But if you’ve no specific plans, advertise for a sale.

When should you sell your car?

Under the circumstances like owning a nonfunctional car or charging higher than the car’s resale value, acquiring a new vehicle is better than transporting the old one. However, you must decide to sell your vehicle only after an honest evaluation.  If it cannot justify the price of shipping, sell the vehicle, save the shipping charges, and browse KBB and Find The Best Car Price – spend that money on the new car.

When should you ship your car?

If it’s a short route, you can also drive your vehicle. But if it’s an interstate move, save the miles and condition of your car – get it shipped by a professional transporter. Selling the vehicle also comes with a hundred other responsibilities, and if you’re pressed for time or don’t get the right buyer – selling isn’t a worthy option.

Bottom Line

Car transport services can charge tremendously high, but the quotes are nothing compared to the expenses of a new car. It’s always economical and more feasible to ship your car via open or enclosed transport than to sell and think of buying a new one at a new location. However, if your vehicle is nearing its life, it’s worthwhile to skip the shipping process.

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Choosing to hire professional car shipping services can arise from several reasons, like saving mileage or the vehicle’s sole means of transportation.

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