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As an employee of the automotive industry, I am in the unique position to understand exactly how important shipping vehicles can be.  I work in internet sales, and my particular car dealership sells to consumers that are located across the country.  These customers do not have the means to visit us in person to purchase their new vehicles, therefore shipping is required.

There are many people that purchase from us that are from Washington, California, or even New York.  They come to us because we have the vehicles they need at costs that are much more competitive than their local dealerships and at times they cannot find the vehicles they want locally.  This becomes a complicated process when they are trying to pick up the vehicle. This is why you should utilize a car dealership shipping service company, like Number 1 Auto Transport, to ship your vehicle to you.

Reasons for Using a Car Dealership Shipping Service Company 

The consumers take possession of the vehicle, which requires them coming to us, or the car going to them.   If they decide to come to us, they need to either fly here find a hotel, a rental car or an uber, then find us in a city they do not know, fill out the paperwork and then drive the vehicle to their hometown.  This may also require someone to go with them, depending on the trip length and the customer, because not everyone is comfortable driving hundreds or even thousands of miles on their own.

The customer may also have a trade in which would require them to drive it to us which also leads to time off of their employment, possibly a second driver, and a road trip.  The challenge with this is that the more miles are put on their vehicle, the less the vehicle is worth for its trade in value.  They are lessening the money they can receive for their vehicle just by bringing it to us.   They also face the challenge of locating the dealership fighting through traffic in an area that they do not know well, and finally arriving at the dealership to face hours’ worth of financing and paperwork to take possession of a car that they will have more paperwork to pay the tax, tag, and title in their respective state.

The good news is that using a car dealership shipping service company is a much more effective solution for these people.  Rather than face the challenges with purchasing a vehicle from a distance on their own, we can offer to have the vehicle shipped.  This will, of course, have a cost per mile, but when you add up the time off of work, the flight cost or the fees involving a road trip (gas, snacks, hotels, etc.) most of the time it is well worth the additional cost.  The convenience alone is worth the cost of shipping, because by shipping the vehicle from the car dealership, the consumer can fill out the paperwork at their convenience and not have to wait at a dealership. This service is an exceptional option for those that are looking for a specific car, or want the cheaper options of Oklahoma compared to their homes.

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As an employee in the automotive industry, my experience has shown me exactly how important the shipment of cars is to the consumer, it’s convenient, its efficient, and it saves our customers from experiencing the challenges that they face purchasing from far away.  I cannot reiterate enough how exceptional having an opportunity to ship vehicles has helped us expand our dealership.  Thank you for helping us provide quality service to our customers. If you are wanting to have a car shipped to you from a dealership, then Email us or Call 855-422-4141 for a FREE QUOTE on our . We look forward to the opportunity of providing a car dealership shipping service to you.