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What Are The Benefits of Using an Auto Transport Company

You take great pride in your vehicle, which is why it’s sure to come with you when you move, take an extended vacation in another city, going to or from school, or have to relocate temporarily for work.  You can make this happen in many ways, the most common of which is driving yourself.

But adding all that wear and tear to your vehicle is unnecessary, not to mention the wear and tear on yourself after a long road trip.

Hiring a car transport service company that understands how to find the best price and are professionals at what they do, is another option — and we’ve got 10 reasons to back it up! Here are some benefits of an auto transport company:

1: You Won’t Have to Plan & Worry Over Trip Planning

Sure, getting your car from point A to point B seems pretty straightforward, especially in Google Maps and Siri.

But it isn’t always easy: depending on the season, some routes might be closed for construction, and Maps doesn’t always account for that. Also, if you’re not familiar with the area, it can take forever trying to find another route.

By leaving auto transport to the pros, this is something they take care of: the trucking industry has special GPS devices that can plan and change multiple routes, monitor weight limits, and of course, construction routes. So they will get your car from point A to point B quickly, efficiently, and safely.

2: You Save Time

Whether you’re driving your vehicle across the whole country or just the state, the fact is, you’re using up your time to do so. If you’re moving, you’ve got plenty on your plate as it is to worry about. If it’s a job relocation? Same thing.

By leaving your car transport needs in the capable hands of an auto shipping company, all the time you’d be spending driving is freed up for more important things: packing (or unpacking), getting utilities set up and other paperwork settled, and so on.

3: You’ll Save On Road Trip Costs, Too

Time isn’t the only thing to worry about when transporting your own car, but gas can get pretty pricey, too. Factor in things like snacks, meals, and hotel stays, and the tally gets even higher — especially if you’re driving across the country.

Also, if anything happens to your car while on this road trip, you’ll lose both time and money in getting it fixed, busting the links of whatever schedule you had planned.

And speaking of anything going wrong with your car…

4: It’s Safer for Your Car

It’s a given that you’ll be taking extra care while driving long distances to transport your car. Still, you’re only human — accidents can happen, animals can run into the road, and you can’t predict what other drivers will do.

Even if it’s just a “fender bender” and your car is still drivable, you’ve still damaged one of your most expensive possessions!

Professional drivers are trained to transport vehicles in the safest way possible. They have sturdy haulers that will securely contain your car over the road. You can even choose enclosed haulers to protect your vehicle — the right company will aim to please!

5: It’s Safer for YOU

As said, you’re only human, and driving exhaustion is a real thing. Add to that any inclement weather, discomfort from sitting so long, or, as mentioned above, that deer that suddenly decides now is the perfect time to cross the road right in front of you… and it can be a recipe for disaster.

A trusted car shipping company has vetted experienced drivers who are well-equipped to drive long distances and adhere to safe schedules to avoid exhaustion. As a result, you can have confidence that your vehicle will arrive at its destination and be all the safer for it.

6: You’ll Put Fewer Miles on Your Car

Let’s face it — hardly anyone wants to put unnecessary miles on their car or truck. But, unfortunately, it can put unneeded strain on certain parts of your vehicle and prematurely shorten its otherwise healthy lifespan.

By using a car shipping company, you’ll be preserving your car’s condition, whether it was an exotic car, classic car, or a brand-new vehicle just off the lot last week. The money spent on car shipping is completely worth preserving your cherished vehicle — plus, we’ll help you find the best cost for your needs.

7: You Can Ship Multiple Cars at Once

Despite all the benefits, it really can’t be argued that driving one car across the state or country alone is feasible.

But what if you’re a multi-car household? In a case like this, unless you’ve got some trustworthy friends with time on their hands, it will be pretty hard to transport all of them at once if you’re moving.

You can have all your cars and trucks shipped to your new destination in one go with an auto shipping company. It’ll free up a lot of your time and ease the stress you could’ve endured having to sort out how to move multiple cars simultaneously.

8: You’ll Keep Insurance Costs Down

Since car insurance rates are based partially on the distance you drive, any long-distance trek could cause your premium to go up. Plus, the costs would be even higher if you were to get in an accident on the road.

Shipping your car instead will quickly preserve your current insurance rates. In addition, auto transport companies provide insurance coverage when shipping vehicles, so you can rest assured your car or truck is in good hands. And although damage during transport is sporadic, any repair costs will not come out of your pocket.

9: You Can Ship Practically Anywhere

Okay, so the situation might be rare, but it could happen where you need to get your car from the bottom of Texas to Maine’s tip. Would you want to make that long of a drive on your own

Probably not!

The good news is that auto shippers are highly flexible and can pick up and drop off your vehicle nearly anywhere in the country. By working with experts trained in long-distance logistics, you’ll be able to get your car or truck exactly where it needs to be.

10: It’s Not as Expensive as You Think

Of course, this depends significantly on the distance and the services you choose, but the cost to ship a car or truck is likely not as much as you’d think.

For example, it will cost under $1,000 to ship a 4-door sedan across the whole country. If you think about how much it’d cost to make the same drive yourself (in time, money, and the risks involved), it’s only a little more than you’d be paying otherwise.

When you have someone handling the long haul of transporting your vehicle, you only have to wait for it to arrive. It’s worth every penny to have no stress, no worry, and no risk of accidents or pricey hotel stays.  So the benefits of an auto transport company are way better than driving it yourself.

There are many cost-effective ways to ship your car, truck, SUV, or anything in between, including working with our team at Number 1  Auto Transport. We are highly experienced and love what we do, and we will help you find the lowest cost and most reliable method to ship your vehicle!

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