When Moving Should I Drive or Have My Car Shipped By An Auto Transport Company

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Driving vs. Shipping a Car

Driving vs. Shipping a Car?

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If you’re stuck with the dilemma of “Should I drive or ship my car,” we’ll help you out with the details.

Choosing the right auto transport company

Various aspects can influence your final decision. So, it’s crucial for you to make the right decision to ship your car. Before you do so, let’s take a quick look at both the options.

Driving the car vs transporting a car

Many people assume driving their vehicles from one place to another is the fastest, cheapest, and safest way, especially when moving. Plus, it can be a fun family trip. But the scenario may be quite the opposite. You’ll have to pack the essentials you might need on the road. Rest well before the trip. Arrange for an overnight stay if it’s necessary. Calculate the state taxes, price of gas/ fuel, food, mileage buildup, breakdown costs if that happens, wear and tear, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Moreover, if you’ve hired moving and packing services, you can’t keep them waiting at the final destination if you’re unable to get there right in time. Driving yourself isn’t also recommended if you aren’t an experienced driver, as it can be more strenuous and challenging than you think it is.

Hiring a car shipping company

Professional auto transport services employ skilled and practiced drivers for every delivery. They’re well versed with the routes and seasons, and you’ll find your vehicle waiting at the destination right in time. But you need to be thorough with your research when looking for reliable service providers. Most people fall for low-priced estimates, but those don’t necessarily guarantee customer satisfaction, on-time delivery, and safety. A reputable auto transport company will consider the details of your vehicle, transportation distance, pickup and delivery point, type of carrier, speed of delivery, and time of the year, based on which they finalize your quote. As per your requirements, they pick your vehicle from your current location or any nearby terminals and drop off as requested.


Safety: Car Shipping Services

The possibility of meeting with an unfortunate incident is relatively low, but it’s there. And it certainly increases with every mile you drive. So, if safety is your priority, getting your car shipped must be your first choice.

Time: Car Transport Services

If you’re traveling interstate, a road trip will be successful. But a coast to coast trip can take days. In general, you shouldn’t plan to drive more than 400 to 500 miles a day. Long distances can impact your health and also the condition of the vehicle. Hiring a car transport service is suitable under such circumstances since they know their job and are quick at it.

Mileage: Auto Transport Company

It’s no rocket science – the more you’re going to drive, the more miles you’ll add to the vehicle. There’s a standard mileage that you can drive before the car gets unreliable. This may also impact its resale value, taking off the overall life expectancy. From this aspect, car transport services seem to be a more feasible option.

Cost: Driving the car

Car transport rates are variable depending upon the route, season, and carriage, etc. Even the average fuel, food, and lodging expenses may still not be as higher as a shipping company’s quotes. So, driving saves more money.

Our recommendation – Use a Car Transport Company

From the details mentioned above, it’s evident that in the driving vs. shipping a car debate, shipping wins! But we won’t lie, car shipping services aren’t cheap. You can always save a few extra bucks driving the car yourself. Even if you calculate all your costs, those will still fit the budget. However, considering the distance, time, condition of your car, and convenience, car transport services will be a safer option any day. If you’re particularly moving out of the country or it’s a longer journey, hiring professionals to save time and effort.

That’s why we always suggest receiving a quote to see if car shipping services are apt for you.

Looking for reliable auto transport services? Contact us!

If you’ve made your mind to choose car transportation services, we’ll be happy to assist you. Fill out this form, and you’ll instantly get a free quote to ship your vehicle. At the very least, you’ll get to know where things stand in terms of pricing.

For more information, you can speak to our auto transport experts. Call us at 855.422.4141, and our agents can also advise you on shipping your vehicle vs. driving it yourself. Shipping is a big step, thus understanding the differences and every other aspect is essential not just for your wallet but also for your sanity. Rest assured, if you allow the Number 1 Auto Transport team to handle your queries and deliveries, we’ll provide you the best rate. You’ll save yourself a lot of time, money, and efforts. Plus, you won’t add any miles to your vehicle, and we’ll ensure that your car reaches the destination in the same condition as you hand it over in.

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