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When is the Best Time to Ship a Car?

While the cross-country road trip has a certain appeal for young and adventurous drivers, plenty of other people out there are looking for more convenient ways to transport their vehicles. This is the entire reason car shipping companies exist, providing a very reliable and affordable service. You may be surprised to discover that car shipping costs vary wildly with the seasons, though. Here’s some insight into how you’re making sure you pick the best time to ship your car.

The Perfect Time To Ship Your Car Is Never “Today”

As you learn more, you’ll discover that there are a few hard-and-fast rules for choosing a time to ship your car. There’s one enormous exception: The best time is never “immediately.” Like any service industry with high overhead costs, car shippers try to plan as far ahead as possible. Booking last-minute transport for your car or truck is sometimes possible, but it will never be the cheapest option.

You need to book as far as possible to get a reasonable price for long-distance car shipping. Get your research process started as soon as you know you need to move your car. While you shouldn’t rush to pick an auto transport company, the faster you decide and pick out a reliable company, the better.

Why Seasons Affect Auto Shipping Prices

Different times of the year bring different car shipping costs because of the laws of supply and demand. (Weather plays a factor, too.) More people in the US are trying to ship their cars during the summer months, with all else being equal. While carriers plan for this and can sometimes offer discounts on prevalent routes, the sheer volume of shipments can sometimes cause delays and higher prices.

Shipping your car in the winter months carries its own set of problems. While the total number of cars being shipped is the lowest, this actually drives prices up rather than down. Shipping companies struggle to assemble full loads, and you can expect to pay a premium for wintertime service. There are exceptions on the most popular routes, but they’re relatively rare. Icy conditions make road shipment much more difficult in the winter, so you should expect delays, too.

Open Transport Chevy TahoeWho Are Snowbirds?

So far, you’ve seen that prices can be high in both the summer and the winter. Unfortunately, spring and fall have a special problem of their own: the snowbirds. “Snowbirds” are individuals and families (mostly retired) who live in the north during the warmer months and migrate south as temperatures drop.

The Snowbird Effect on Car Shipping Rates

Many snowbirds have their cars shipped back and forth accordingly, leading to a tremendous volume of cars in transit. While prices can vary when shipping your car in summer or winter, they’re guaranteed to climb during spring and fall when you’re competing with the snowbirds.

If you’re a snowbird yourself, the best way to economize on auto transportation costs is to find the best car shipping company and stick with it. Setting up a regular schedule for twice-yearly car shipping removes the uncertainty from the equation. Being loyal to a reliable auto transporter will ensure good service and low prices.

Professional Car Shipping Guidance

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