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Number 1 Auto offers two ways to ship a classic car: open or enclosed carrier. The difference between transporting on an open or enclosed carrier is that enclosed has a higher insurance policy. Also, and most importantly, your vehicle will not be exposed to weather elements.

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"I have now used Number 1 Auto Transport a few times. Most recent was from Long Island to California. I worked with James and he was able to set up everything very quickly and efficiently. "

Amy Brown

"I moved from NY to Florida and the only smooth part was my auto transport with Rob. He gives such fair prices and got the car to me two days early. They picked up when they said and had zero issues with the car upon return."

Nic Gee

"Excellent service. Treated my wife's car with respect and like it was a million dollar car. Would recommend without hesitation or reservations and will use them again if I am ever in the need for a trnsporter."

Marc P

Should I Ship my Classic Car on an Open or Enclosed Transport Carrier?

First, will your classic car be a project or a “fixer-upper“? If so, your car can be shipped on an open trailer. Transporting on an open trailer is fine if you’re not worried about rock chips, debris, or other weather elements.

Next, is your classic car fully restored, in good condition, has a custom paint job, and you don’t plan on parking the car outdoors when not in use? Then transporting your classic car in an enclosed transport carrier would be your best option. Another reason will be if your vehicle has any loose parts. This way, your car parts will be secure inside your vehicle on an enclosed carrier.

The difference in the insurance coverage between open and enclosed carriers is that the coverage is generally a $50,000 policy on an open car carrier. The policy for enclosed transport starts at around $250,000 and can go as high as $1,000,000.

How Long Does It Take To Transport a Classic Car?

Depending on the car’s location, most pickup windows are 24-72 hours from when the vehicle is ready to be picked up. This window could take up to 5 days in remote areas.

  • Classic Car Transport turnaround time for a destination under 1,000 miles in 2-3 days.
  • From 1,000-1750, the transit time is estimated to be 4-6 days.
  • From 1,750-2,500, the transit time is estimated at 7-10 days.

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Loading up a classic car for transport

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Why Trust Our Classic Car Shipping Service

Proven Reliability

Number 1 Auto has a consistent track record of successfully transporting vehicles, earning a reputation for reliability and dependability in the industry.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customer-centric approach ensures your satisfaction with transparent communication, dedicated support, and regular updates throughout the shipping process.

Diverse Service Options

Choose from a wide range of services, including open and enclosed carriers, expedited shipping, and custom solutions tailored to your specific needs.

How Much Does It Cost to Transport a Classic Car?

Need a quote to ship your classic car? Consider the following factors that affect your Classic car shipping rate:

  1. Distance: Longer journeys result in higher costs, making it a key factor in your quote.

  2. Locations: The specific cities involved matter, with considerations like city traffic, proximity to major highways, and pickup/drop-off ease influencing pricing.

  3. Trailer Type: Choose between open-air transport for a more affordable option or enclosed trailers for extra protection at a higher cost.

  4. Vehicle Details: The size and weight of your car are influential factors in determining the auto transport rate.

  5. Seasonality: Prices fluctuate throughout the year based on the demand for car shipping. Busier seasons may lead to slightly higher costs, depending on the route.

For the most accurate Classic auto transport rate, provide the following details:

  • Your car’s type and specifications
  • Origin and destination cities
  • Flexible shipping dates, if possible
  • Preferred trailer type (open or enclosed)

With this information, you’ll receive a personalized car shipping rate tailored to your specific needs.

Why Choose Number 1 Auto Transport?

  • The rate we provide our customers will never be raised or changed.
  • We do not charge a deposit until your car is loaded on our truck, and the deposit is included in the total price quoted.
  • No final balance is due until we deliver your vehicle.
  • We provide 24hr customer service; if you call after our business hours, please leave a message, and one of our customer service representatives will respond.
  • Spotless Reputation – Our customers love us; check our online transport reviews to see what our customers have said about us.
  • We will keep you updated throughout the transport; give us a call.
  • You can call us anytime – we are the industry’s fastest, most responsive car shipping service!

Even if you are an amateur enthusiast, you can move a classic car like a professional. Number 1 Auto Transport will ship your car and transport an antique vehicle, muscle car, or hotrod quickly and safely anywhere in the country. Also, it’s secure, affordable classic car shipping at its best. Number 1 Auto Transport’s expert team offers state-of-the-art, safe, modern enclosed or open auto transport services that consider the financial investment (not to mention the blood, sweat, and tears!) that makes your classic car a one-of-a-kind beauty.

Classic car shipping service to or from any state

Many reasons make us one of the top car transport services companies. For instance, every Number 1 Auto Transport driver is vetted, has a clean driving record, and is in good standing with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety.

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Of course, Number 1 Auto Transport can ship cars to and from auto shows — but we’ll also handle your classic car transport from your buddy’s garage to your home with the same care. Consideration and value have earned Number 1 Auto Transport its reputation for quality auto shipping and classic car transport services for over ten years. Finally, read our many 5-star auto transport reviews — or contact us now for more information about how our car shipping & delivery services assure the safety of your next vehicle move. Lastly, we offer free car shipping quotes for our auto transport carrier services.