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On the lookout for the best auto transport company to send your car to or move your car from North Carolina? Look no further. Number 1 Auto Transport is the go-to North Carolina auto transport and car shipping company clients trust. Count on our team of auto transport specialists, who are experts in their field.

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Need a North Carolina Car Shipping Service?

Exploring the vibrant landscapes of North Carolina, where a mix of temperate weather and a burgeoning technology sector beckons. At Number 1 Auto Transport, we ensure a seamless move, specializing in car transportation to and from this dynamic state.

From the scenic Appalachian Mountains to the serene Outer Banks, North Carolina boasts diverse attractions. Whether you’re enticed by world-class golfing, nationally recognized universities, or the mouthwatering Carolina whole-hog barbecue, the state caters to varied interests.

Considering a move to or from North Carolina? Trust Number 1 Auto Transport for reliable car transportation services. As a state with over 10 million residents, continually drawing new citizens, North Carolina stands as the ninth most populated in the nation. Our commitment is to make your move convenient and stress-free, ensuring your vehicle arrives securely in this exciting and growing state. Choose us as your partner in auto transport, reflecting our dedication to excellence and making your journey to or from North Carolina a delightful experience.

How Long Does It Take to Transport a Car to or from North Carolina?

Depending on the car’s location, most pickup windows are 24-72 hours from when the vehicle is ready to be picked up. This window could take up to 5 days in remote areas.

  • North Carolina Car Shipping turnaround time for a destination under 1,000 miles in 2-3 days.
  • From 1,000-1750, the transit time is estimated to be 4-6 days.
  • From 1,750-2,500, the transit time is estimated at 7-10 days.
Car Shipping Times To/From North Carolina

Most Popular Car Shipping Routes To / From North Carolina

Shipping a Car to North Carolina

Shipping From Shipping To Estimated Time
California North Carolina 7-10 Days
Texas North Carolina 2-4 Days
Massachusetts North Carolina 3-5 Days
New York North Carolina 2-4 Days
Arizona North Carolina 7-10 Days

Shipping a Car from North Carolina

Shipping From Shipping To Estimated Time
North Carolina Florida 2-3 Days
North Carolina Washington 7-10 Days
North Carolina Georgia 1-2 Days
North Carolina Michigan 2-4 Days
North Carolina Minnesota 3-5 Days

Why Trust Our North Carolina Auto Transport Service?

Proven Reliability

Number 1 Auto has a consistent track record of successfully transporting vehicles, earning a reputation for reliability and dependability in the industry.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customer-centric approach ensures your satisfaction with transparent communication, dedicated support, and regular updates throughout the shipping process.

Diverse Service Options

Choose from a wide range of services, including open and enclosed carriers, expedited shipping, and custom solutions tailored to your specific needs.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to/from North Carolina?

Exploring the cost of shipping your car to or from North Carolina? Here are the key considerations influencing your North Carolina car shipping rate:

  1. Distance: The length of your journey is a pivotal factor affecting costs, serving as a significant determinant for your quote.

  2. Locations: Specific cities matter, with factors such as local traffic conditions, proximity to major highways, and ease of pickup/drop-off contributing to pricing variations.

  3. Trailer Type: Opt for open-air transport for a more economical choice, or consider enclosed trailers for added protection, albeit at a higher cost.

  4. Vehicle Details: The dimensions and weight of your car are substantial factors influencing the auto transport rate.

  5. Seasonality: Prices fluctuate throughout the year, influenced by the demand for car shipping. More active seasons might lead to slightly higher costs, depending on the chosen route.

For the most accurate North Carolina auto transport rate, provide the following details:

  • Your car’s specifications and type
  • Origin and destination cities within North Carolina
  • If possible, flexibility with shipping dates
  • Preferred transportation method (open or enclosed)

By supplying this information, you’ll receive a personalized car shipping rate tailored to meet the specific challenges of transporting a vehicle to or from North Carolina.

Enclosed Car Shipping to North Carolina

Unfortunately, everything that brings folk to North Carolina sometimes comes with a price. While it has a temperate climate, North Carolina is prone to tornadoes in its western portion. In contrast, the shoreline and the Outer Banks have been the target of some of the most severe hurricanes in United States history. Working with an auto transport team that protects a vehicle from severe weather is important – after all, your car or truck is a major investment. By sending your vehicle via enclosed auto transport when looking for car transport in North Carolina, you’ll avoid damage from wind-blown debris, damaging storms, and more.

The safest way to transport your car to North Carolina is within an enclosed auto transport. There are two options for shipping your car via enclosed auto transport:

  • Soft-Sided Enclosed Auto Transport – The heavy canvas covering the carriers protects your car from wind-blown debris, rain, sleet, snow, and other elements.
  • Hard-Sided Enclosed Auto Transport – In addition to the advantages of soft-sided carriers, hard-sided carriers offer protection for your car in the unlikely event your car is exposed to possible damage during transportation.

Open Auto Transport to North Carolina

Thinking about using open auto transport for your North Carolina car transport needs? Open carriers, mirroring the double-decker car carriers employed by dealerships, ensure secure and timely car transport to and from North Carolina. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, your vehicle is reliably secured and delivered within seven days. Opting for open auto transport provides a secure and cost-effective solution, shielding your car from road vibration, excess mileage, and various concerns.

Looking for a Lowboy or Step Deck Carrier in North Carolina?

As North Carolina hums with construction and development, the necessity to transport massive machinery across its diverse landscapes takes center stage. Envision the challenge of moving  construction equipment safely and securely. This is where the expertise of a North Carolina transport company shines, and lowboy carriers emerge as the unsung heroes of the construction realm.

Introducing Number 1 Auto Transport’s lowboy carriers, the champions of transporting what truly constructs North Carolina. These aren’t just ordinary trucks; they are colossal vehicles specifically trained to handle oversized loads and staggering tonnage. With drivers skilled at navigating busy highways and seamlessly delivering heavy equipment to job sites, it’s evident why Number 1 Auto stands out as the preferred choice. When it comes to the crucial task of transporting what shapes North Carolina’s infrastructure, only the best will suffice.

How to Ship a Car to North Carolina?

The best way to answer the question of “How to ship my car to North Carolina” is to show you how we operate our auto shipping business. We know car owners won’t trust just any car shipping company to move their vehicle across states – they want to experience and reputation. Here’s how we do it:

  1. First, once your order is placed, we’ll start the process of moving a car to North Carolina. This usually happens within a week. We’ll continue updating you on important information, including the time and date of pickup, tracking number, and the truck driver’s number.
  2. Then, the truck driver will call you to finalize delivery plans. All Number 1 Auto drivers strive to take care of all vehicles carried as if they are their own. Protecting your car against any damage from delivery is their ultimate concern. You’ll also sign and receive a Bill of Lading before the driver leaves.
  3. Finally, once the vehicle arrives in North Carolina, you and the driver will inspect the vehicle for any damage. This is also the time when you will sign the final inspection report. It’s that simple!

North Carolina car shipping service to or from any state

Many reasons make us one of the top car transport services companies. For instance, every Number 1 Auto Transport driver is vetted, has a clean driving record, and is in good standing with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety.

Have Questions or Need a Car Shipping Quote for North Carolina

Number 1 Auto Transport is an auto transport service company specializing in transporting all vehicles door to door. We offer the highest quality customer service at the most reasonable and honest rates. Please email us or call 855-422-4141 for a FREE CAR SHIPPING QUOTE to ship your car to California.

We look forward to giving you quick answers to any questions you may have!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our North Carolina Car Shipping Service

The cost of shipping a car to North Carolina depends on several factors, including distance, location, trailer type, vehicle details, and seasonality. Prices fluctuate throughout the year, and busy seasons may lead to slightly higher costs. In order to get the most accurate quote, you should provide the following information: your car’s type and specifications, origin and destination cities, flexible shipping dates (if possible), and preferred trailer type (open or enclosed).

Most pickup windows are 24-72 hours from when the vehicle is ready to be picked up. In remote areas, it could take up to 5 days. Here are some estimated transit times based on distance:

  • Under 1,000 miles: 2-3 days
  • 1,000-1,750 miles: 4-6 days
  • 1,750-2,500 miles: 7-10 days

Number 1 Auto Transport handles all your vehicle relocation needs, from everyday cars and trucks like coupes, sedans, SUVs, and pickups to minivans and passenger vans. We’ve got you covered for specialty vehicles too, including electric cars, motorcycles, and all-terrain rides like ATVs and UTVs. Need your golf cart or a John Deere Tractor shipped? If it has wheels – we can ship it! 

Yes, our carriers are equipped with a winch to help pull the vehicle onto the trailer. Please let your dedicated shipping agent know if the car breaks, rolls, and steers.

While some personal belongings can be transported inside your vehicle for your convenience, there are restrictions. The total weight must be under 100 pounds, and for security reasons, they should be stored in the trunk or back seat, remaining below the window line. It’s important to note that any personal belongings shipped within the car are not covered by the standard transport insurance in case of damage or loss.

No, but sometimes a carrier will have to meet in a parking lot due to the size of his truck and the destination street layout. If so, you will most likely have to drive the car a few blocks.

It’s recommended to wash your car so the transport carrier can do a proper inspection at pickup. Remove any toll tags so you don’t incur fees while in transit. It’s also best to remove any loose parts to prevent any damage during transport.

The cheapest way to ship a car to or from North Carolina is on a Open car trailer.

If the trip is a short distance, you should consider driving it to save money. Shipping is ideal for long distances, valuable cars, or if you don’t want the hassle of driving yourself.

Yes, all our carriers are vetted and screened with the DOT and FMCSA to make sure they have up to date and adequate cargo coverage to fully protect your car during transport.

Most car shipping carriers request a 3-day (weekday) window for pickup. Once you have your desired pickup window, provide us with the year, make, model, and we will be able to provide you with a North Carolina car shipping rate.

Number 1 Auto Transport offers a variety of convenient payment methods to ensure a seamless transaction for our customers. We accept all major credit cards for your convenience. Additionally, we facilitate secure electronic transfers through established platforms (Zelle, Venmo, Cashapp, Paypal) as well as ACH and wire transfers. For alternative payment preferences, certified and bank checks are also accepted.

You do not need to provide any documents to ship your car. However, it is recommended to sign a Bill of Lading before the carrier leaves.

The transport carrier will conduct a thorough inspection with you at the predetermined pickup location, noting any existing dents or scratches. The same inspection will be done upon delivery.

To ensure we can fulfill your preferred delivery timeframe, scheduling your car shipment with ample lead time is highly recommended. Ideally, booking your transport at least 2-3 weeks in advance allows for optimal planning and execution.

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our NY to NC Car Shipping Service