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Why Clients Trust Number 1 Auto for their Alaska Auto Transport Service

So, if you’re looking for the best Alaska auto transport company to ship your car to Alaska? Whether it’s the high standards of education from the University of Anchorage or your retreat in the Alaskan wild. Regarding shipping their car, Number 1 Auto Transport is the Alaska auto transport company clients trust.

Alaska is a unique state, with some of the most drastic weather changes throughout the year. Summertime regularly hits in the 80s and 90s, but winter can see weeks when the temperature drops below zero and doesn’t rebound. Long winter nights don’t help, either. So having a reliable vehicle is incredibly important and sometimes requires transporting vehicles from out of state.

There’s no easy way to get into or out of Alaska for auto transport carriers. If you’re not going by boat, you’ll have to deal with border crossings through Canada and dealing with numerous rules and regulation changes. Many car carriers can’t deal with these things or don’t want to.

Shipping a Car to Alaska

From the largest city – Anchorage, home to almost half of the state’s population – to the expansive Denali ranges, Alaska has plenty that brings folks from across the country for the adventure of living in the northernmost part of the country. Number 1 Auto Transport is the Alaska auto transport experts clients trust. We are experts in our trade, provide transparent quotes and pricing, and treat our customers with respect and honesty.

Number 1 Auto Transport uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure reliability and holds drivers to high standards. Whether you need to move a bulldozer on a lowboy to Talkeetna, shipping your luxury car to Juneau and want it protected from the elements by transporting it in an enclosed carrier, or living in Anchorage but need a short-haul with your car transported in an open carrier, Number 1 Auto Transport has the experience, equipment, and people to get it right every time.

Enclosed Auto Transport to Alaska

No matter what the season, the Alaska climate brings interesting conditions. The snow, ice, and high winds encompass much of Alaska’s year are fierce and clear reasons to ship your new or used car to Alaska in an enclosed carrier. But with invasive bugs, wildlife, and heavy winds blowing around debris, the summer months aren’t all that kind either. Protecting your vehicle by shipping to, from, and within Alaska in an enclosed car carrier is a wise investment.

The safest way to transport your car to Alaska is within an enclosed auto transport. There are two options for shipping your car via enclosed auto transport:

  • Soft-Sided Enclosed Auto Transport – The heavy canvas covering the carriers protects your car from wind-blown debris, rain, sleet, snow, and other elements.
  • Hard-Sided Enclosed Auto Transport – In addition to the advantages of soft-sided carriers, hard-sided carriers offer protection for your car in the unlikely event your car is exposed to possible damage during transportation.

Open Auto Transport to Alaska 

Thinking about using open auto transport for shipping your car to Alaska? Open carriers are the same double-decker carriers your car dealer uses and are the cheapest option to ship your car.  Furthermore, your car will be secured with state-of-the-art equipment and arrive at its destination within seven days of departure. Open auto transport is a secure way of shipping your car, protecting your vehicle from road vibration, and more on a long journey.

Bears in wildlife of Alaksa - Number 1 Auto Transport Alaska Car Shipping

Heavy Equipment and Lowboy Carrier Shipping

With so much distance between towns and so many remote communities, the Alaska population relies on lowboy carriers to move heavy equipment, snowplows and equipment, and other road and building construction vehicles. Number 1 Auto Transport’s lowboy carriers are ideal for moving Alaska’s bulldozers, dump trucks, and other large vehicles.

Transporting heavy equipment is a serious business. Lowboy carriers can handle oversized loads and high gross tonnage. Number 1 Auto Transport’s drivers are especially skilled in moving heavy equipment to job sites and navigating busy highways with these unique loads.

Peace of Mind When Shipping Your Car to Alaska with Number 1

Number 1 Auto Transport is insured – You can have peace of mind knowing that in the unlikely event, your car suffers damage during transport to Alaska, we have you covered – our insurance will get the claim handled quickly and efficiently.

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