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Why Clients Trust Number 1 Auto Transport to Ship Their Cars to Rhode Island

You don’t have to look far when looking for the best auto transport company to ship your car to Rhode Island. Number 1 Auto Transport is the Rhode Island auto transport & car shipping company clients trust. Our auto transport team are experts in their field, providing industry-leading customer service. From providing transparent quotes and pricing to working with you through the transport, every team member will have the utmost respect and honesty for yourself and your vehicle.

Number 1 Auto uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure reliability and holds contracted drivers to high standards. This helps make Rhode Island car shipping much easier than most folks think, even with the state’s wide-open spaces. Whether you are hauling a dozer or dump truck on a lowboy from one project in Providence to another, living in Woonsocket, and bringing your luxury car in from Warwick, Cumberland, or even outside of the state and you want it protected from the elements in an enclosed carrier, or living outside Cranston. You need your car transported to Coventry, Pawtucket, Johnston, and beyond in an open-air carrier. Number 1 Auto Transport has the experience, equipment, and people to get it right every time.

Moving to Rhode Island? Ship Your Car with Number 1 Auto Transport

Yes, Rhode Island is small. With only around 1,000 square miles of inhabitable landmass, it’s roughly half the next largest state’s size. It’s smaller than many counties across the country. But haven’t we always said that good things come in small packages?

Rhode Island packs a ton into that small footprint. The second-most dense state in the country, it is home to over one million citizens, packing 1,000 or more into every square mile, on average. It is home to large national corporations, unique foods, and an identifiable accent across the country.

  • Rhode Island is a clean, happy place to live. Ranked top overall for the S. News and World Report’s natural environment, it is cited for having excellent water quality, urban air quality, and low pollution health risk. The state also ranked fifth for health care, with high health care access and quality marks.
  • That might be thanks to the fact that Rhode Island’s largest industry is health services. The Lifespan Hospital Group is the largest non-government employer in the state, while CVS Caremark is headquartered in Woonsocket. Finance comes a close second, with Bank of America, MetLife Insurance, and Fidelity Investments having large facilities there, and Citizens Financial Group is headquartered in Johnston.
  • Despite being the smallest state in the country, Rhode Island is home to Narragansett Bay, a defining feature of the state and the largest estuary in New England. Thanks to this massive feature that splits the state in two, the state has the second-highest ratio of tidal coastline to total state area – even though it is only 37 miles wide at its widest, it has 384 miles of tidal coastline!
  • Rhode Islanders use that coastline greatly by turning to the sea for food. Not content with just the choice of New England or Manhattan, Rhode Island has its own clam chowder style – South Country-style Rhode Island clam chowder features a unique clear broth and is rarely seen outside the state. Other seafood specialties include the “clam cake,” often called a clam fritter elsewhere, and Clams Casino, small littleneck or cherrystone clams with bacon topping that originated at the Little Casino in Narragansett. Perhaps the most unique Rhode Island seafood creation is the stuffie – local quahog clams are ground, mixed with spicy sausage and stuffing, then baked in their shell.
  • Sorry, but there is no Spooner Street in Quahog, and you can’t get Pawtucket Ale there. While Rhode Island has been made famous in Family Guy, most everything is fictional. However, you can visit a brewery in Pawtucket for a unique Rhode Island beer – Narragansett Lager, one of the country’s oldest beer brands, is proudly brewed there.
  • The seventh oldest still-operating institution of higher education in the United States – and one of the eight Ivy League schools – Brown University’s campus in Providence dates back to 1764. It was the first college in the United States that accepted students regardless of their religious affiliation.
  • Rhode Island was a playground for the rich and famous during the Gilded Age. Families, including the Vanderbilts and Astors, built summer mansions throughout Newport, while Presidents Kennedy and Eisenhower made Newport the site of their “Summer White Houses.” Many historic, ornate mansions can be toured today, while others exist as museums.

All of this is within less than a day’s drive – or, to be even more precise, there’s nowhere in Rhode Island more than 75 miles driving from anywhere else. Many of us have long daily commutes than that!

Enclosed Auto Transport to Rhode Island

Whether tropical storms are coming up the seaboard or winter blows are coming down from the arctic, Rhode Island is square in the path of bad weather throughout the year. That’s probably one of the reasons it has the worst roads in the nation. Enclosed transport is an excellent route whether you want to protect your vehicle from gusting summer storms, blowing blizzards, or just terrible roads. When you send your vehicle via enclosed auto transport, you’ll avoid damage from rain, wind-blown debris in storms, and other curveballs the weather throws out there. Having your car shipped to Rhode Island in an enclosed carrier is a smart investment for your investment.

The safest way to transport your car to Rhode Island is within an enclosed auto transport. There are two options for shipping your car via enclosed auto transport:

  • Soft-Sided Enclosed Auto Transport – The heavy canvas covering the carriers protects your car from wind-blown debris, rain, sleet, snow, and other elements.
  • Hard-Sided Enclosed Auto Transport – In addition to the advantages of soft-sided carriers, hard-sided carriers offer protection for your car in the unlikely event your car is exposed to possible damage during transportation.

Open Auto Transport to Rhode Island

Thinking about using open auto transport for your Rhode Island car transport needs? Open carriers are the same double-decker car carriers the dealerships use. Your vehicle will be secured with state-of-the-art equipment and arrive at its destination within seven days of departure. Open auto transport is a secure and affordable way of shipping your car, protecting your vehicle from road vibration, excess mileage, and more.

Lowboy Carriers to Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a small state, and many towns and cities are close together. That density can work against construction crews trying to move equipment, though. Crowded, busy roadways and constant road construction mean that moving equipment from one project to the next might not be far by distance but could take a fair amount of time and cause a fair number of headaches. Even though construction crews in Rhode Island can move their own gear, it’s more important that crews keep their skilled hands working instead of pulling them away from their specialties to move material handlers, pavers, excavators, backhoes, and other equipment. That’s why construction teams across the state rely on the Rhode Island equipment shipping experts to ensure they stay on schedule and everything gets to the job site safely.

Transporting heavy construction equipment is a serious business. Our veteran lowboy carrier drivers are trained to handle oversized loads and high gross tonnage. Number 1 Auto’s drivers are skilled in moving heavy equipment in and out of job sites and navigating busy highways with unique loads.

The Steps We Take When Shipping a Car to Rhode Island…

The best way to answer the question of “How to ship my car to Rhode Island” is to show you how we operate our auto shipping business. We know car owners won’t trust just any car shipping company to move their vehicle across states – they want to experience and reputation. Here’s how we do it:

  1. First, once your order is placed, we’ll start moving a car to Rhode Island. This usually happens within a week. We’ll continue updating you on important information, including the time and date of pickup, tracking number, and the truck driver’s number.
  2. Then, the truck driver will call you to finalize delivery plans. All Number 1 Auto drivers strive to take care of all vehicles carried as if they are their own. Protecting your car against any damage from delivery is their ultimate concern. You’ll also sign and receive a Bill of Lading before the driver leaves.
  3. Finally, once the vehicle arrives in Rhode Island, you and the driver will inspect the vehicle for any damage. This is also the time when you will sign the final inspection report. It’s that simple!

Shipping a Car from Rhode Island

Whether you’re moving to work in the health or financial food or are Ivy League-bound, you’ll need an auto transport company that can easily get around Rhode Island. It would help if you had the experienced Rhode Island auto transport team from Number 1 Auto on your side. Working with Number 1 Auto saves frustration, money, and time. From folks heading to northern Rhode Island for commutes into Boston to our military members relocating to Naval Station Newport, our clients are at ease knowing that the best Rhode Island car shipping company is here to help. It’s easy to bring in their car or truck no matter where they’re being transferred from!

Have Questions or Need a Car Shipping Quote for Rhode Island?

Please email us or Call 855-422-4141 for a FREE CAR SHIPPING QUOTE to ship your car to Rhode Island. We look forward to giving you quick answers to any questions you may have! Our goal is to provide our Rhode Island clients with the best car shipping service at the most reasonable auto transport rates. Our customers love us; check our online transport reviews to see what our customers say about us.

Number 1 Auto Transport is insured – In the unlikely event your car suffers damage during its auto transport to Rhode Island, we have you covered! Our insurance team will get the claim handled quickly and efficiently.