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Why Clients Trust Number 1 Auto Transport to Ship Their Cars to New Jersey

When you’re looking for the best auto transport company to ship your car to New Jersey, you don’t have to look far. Number 1 Auto Transport is the New Jersey auto transport & car shipping company clients trust. Our auto transport team are experts in their field, providing industry-leading customer service. From providing transparent quotes and pricing to working with you through the transport itself, every team member will have the utmost respect and honesty for yourself and your vehicle.

Number 1 Auto uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure reliability and holds contracted drivers to high standards. This helps make New Jersey car shipping much easier than most folks think it is, even with the wide-open spaces the state offers. Whether you are hauling a grader or material handler on a lowboy from one project in Trenton to another; living in Newark and bringing your luxury car in from Toms River or even outside of the state and you want it protected from the elements in an enclosed carrier, or living outside Newark. You need your car transported in an open-air carrier to Jersey City, Edison, or Elizabeth. Number 1 Auto Transport has the experience, equipment, and people to get it right every time.

Moving to New Jersey? Ship Your Car with Number 1 Auto Transport

Perhaps the most diverse state in the country, New Jersey sometimes seems like three or four states in one compact package. It’s the 4th smallest state in the country, measuring only a little over 8700 square miles. Yet it squeezes in nearly 9 million residents, for an incredible density of 1,210 people per square mile. The next closest state is Rhode Island, with 1,021 people per square mile – almost 200 people less. Still, New Jersey manages to be a crowded state, with wide-open beaches, agricultural plains and bogs, and expansive forests all making up the state.

  • Tied with New Hampshire for third in WalletHub’s list of best states to live in, New Jersey was rated first overall for safety and was a top ten finisher for overall quality of life. If you’re looking to raise a family, WalletHub rated New Jersey seventh overall, including first overall for affordability and fifth for education and child care.
  • Just how diverse is New Jersey? It is home to the second-largest Muslim population by percentage, and the second-largest Jewish population by percentage, in the United States. It has the largest population of Peruvians, the second-largest population of Cubans, and the third-highest population of Asian Indians in the United States. The Asian Indian population is so concentrated that Newark features a Little India neighborhood home to the highest density of Asian Indians in the Western Hemisphere.
  • It shouldn’t be any surprise then that New Jersey is home to the world’s largest Hindu temple. The main prayer hall has seating for 1,000 worshippers, and the temple sits on a 162-acre complex, almost three times larger than the previous record holder.
  • New Jersey is so densely populated that it is the only state in the country where the Census Bureau has defined every county as “urban.”
  • Continuing with diversity, there are over 30 languages other than English with significant representation in the state. This includes over a half-dozen Asian Indian languages, several eastern Asian languages including Korean, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, and European languages including Macedonian, Armenian, and Ukrainian. Over 28% of New Jersey residents
  • A short train ride from downtown Manhattan is easy to get to Paramus – and they have capitalized on it. With New Jersey having lower sales tax and no sales tax on high-end clothing than New York City, Paramus has grown into the single most profitable county for retail sales; over $6 billion per year of retail sales are generated!
  • While Paramus has the sales, East Rutherford has the glitz. The American Dream Meadowlands Mall, which includes an ice rink, a ski slope, and Nickelodeon Universe in addition to plenty of shopping, will be the largest in America upon completion, overtaking the Mall of America in Minnesota.
  • New Jersey isn’t just fun and shopping. It’s also home to one of the strongest pharmaceutical and biotech communities in the country. Bausch & Lomb, Johnson & Johnson, Palatin, Merck, Bayer, and more have major campuses. This helps contribute to New Jersey having the third-highest per capita income in the country and the highest number of millionaires per capita of any state.

All this, and we haven’t even touched on the Jersey Shore and its miles of beaches, or the Pine Barrens and the famed Jersey Devil. What about the diners, and the famous Disco Fries? Or the first, and still the longest, boardwalk in the world amongst the casinos in Atlantic City? New Jersey is truly an incredible state in so many regards.

Enclosed Auto Transport to New Jersey

Unfortunately, it is also incredible in regards to weather throughout the year. Sitting square in the Mid-Atlantic region, New Jersey can get hammered from both directions, with nor’easters sweeping down from New England and hurricanes rolling up the coast from the south. This means high winds and sweeping snows in the winter and flooding and heavy rains in the spring and summer. When you want to ship a vehicle across the state, and ill weather is in the forecast, you’ll want to work with a New Jersey auto transport company that knows how to protect your major investment. Whether you’re shipping a luxury sedan to Woodbridge Township or a high-end SUV to Edison, you need it protected regardless of the weather. By sending your vehicle via an enclosed auto transport when looking for car transport in New Jersey, you’ll avoid damage from drastic freezes, rain, hail, snow, wind-blown debris, and more. Having your car shipped to New Jersey in an enclosed carrier is a smart investment.

The safest way to transport your car to New Jersey is within an enclosed auto transport. There are two options for shipping your car via enclosed auto transport:

  • Soft-Sided Enclosed Auto Transport – The heavy canvas covering the carriers protects your car from wind-blown debris, rain, sleet, snow, and other elements.
  • Hard-Sided Enclosed Auto Transport – In addition to the advantages provided by soft-sided carriers, hard-sided carriers offer protection for your car in the unlikely event your car is exposed to possible damage during transportation.

Open Auto Transport to New Jersey

Thinking about using open auto transport for your New Jersey car transport needs? Open carriers are the same double-decker car carriers the dealerships use. Your vehicle will be secured with state-of-the-art equipment, and it will arrive at its destination within seven days of departure. Open auto transport is a secure and affordable way of shipping your car, protecting your vehicle from road vibration, excess mileage, and more.

Lowboy Carriers to New Jersey

Thanks to a dense population with crowded streets and plenty of traffic, you get some headaches when moving heavy equipment. With New Jersey being a rapidly growing state, it has growing needs for construction and development. Combine these two things, and you get a state that can be a pain for construction crews to move heavy equipment through on their own. Instead of dealing with the headaches and taking skilled laborers away from work to move equipment, many New Jersey construction teams rely on an auto transport company for a helping hand. They work with a team that can move their backhoes, pavers, track skidders, excavators, and more from one site to the next. That’s why construction teams across the Garden State rely on New Jersey auto transport experts to make sure they stay on schedule, and everything gets to the next site safely – they turn to the New Jersey equipment transport experts and the lowboy teams at Number 1 Auto Transport.

Transporting heavy construction equipment is a serious business. Our veteran lowboy carrier drivers are trained to handle oversized loads, as well as high gross tonnage. Number 1 Auto’s drivers are skilled in moving heavy equipment in and out of job sites and navigating busy highways with unique loads.

The Steps We Take When Shipping a Car to New Jersey…

The best way to answer the question of “How to ship my car to New Jersey” is to show you just how we operate our auto shipping business. We know car owners won’t trust just any car shipping company to move their vehicle across states – they want to experience and reputation. Here’s how we do it:

  1. First, once your order is placed, we’ll start the process of moving a car to New Jersey. This usually happens within a week. We’ll continue updating you on important information, including the time and date of pickup, tracking number, and the truck driver’s number.
  2. Then, the truck driver will call you to finalize delivery plans. All Number 1 Auto drivers strive to take care of all vehicles carried as if they are their own. Protecting your car against any damage from delivery is their ultimate concern. You’ll also sign and receive a Bill of Lading before the driver leaves.
  3. Finally, once the vehicle arrives in New Jersey, both you and the driver will inspect the vehicle for any damage. This is also the time when you will sign the final inspection report. It’s that simple!

Number 1 Auto Transport is insured – You can have peace of mind knowing that in the unlikely event your car suffers damage during transport to New Jersey, we have you covered – our insurance will get the claim handled quickly and efficiently.

Shipping a Car from New Jersey

Being located in a prime position on the Eastern seaboard, New Jersey is the home of the Port of New York and New Jersey, the busiest port on the East Coast. The Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal is the center of the commotion, and the port overall accounts for the third-most container ship traffic in the country. Plenty of vehicles are shipped in and out of the Port, so you’ll want to work with an auto transport team that is familiar with the Port and with New Jersey as a whole. It would help if you had the experienced New Jersey auto transport team from Number 1 Auto on their side. Working with Number 1 Autosaves frustration, as well as money and time. From professionals and students to our military members relocating to the massive installation at Fort Dix, our clients are at ease knowing that the best New Jersey car shipping company is here to help. It’s easy to bring in their car or truck no matter where they’re being transferred from!

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Number 1 Auto Transport is insured – In the unlikely event your car suffers damage during its auto transport to New Jersey, we have you covered! Our insurance team will get the claim handled quickly and efficiently.