Caring for Your Classic Car: 3 Important Tips

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What Are Some Tips for Taking Care of A Classic Car?

Owning a classic car can be more work than another car for various reasons. It’s a one of a kind that can’t be simply swapped in for an equivalent; it’s fragile, it’s valuable, and often it’s your pride and joy.

So, with that joy comes much care in looking after it. Classic car owners will want to keep their cars in tip-top shape to have them looking good when they’re ready to show them off, and it takes more than not ignoring the check engine light, like the rest of us.

For all the details on how to look after your classic car, read on.

The Internal

Classic cars will take more care and attention than newer models, both because technology has advanced and your car has aged. You will need to run over the basics more regularly to maintain the function of your classic car.

Check your fluids regularly, including the coolant, oil, and brake fluid. Mix equal parts water and antifreeze to give your coolant a detox once a year and keep it topped up with fresh coolant that hasn’t gone milky or has floating bits.

Check your oil every two weeks and before you take the car out to ensure it’s amber-colored and dirt-free. Your brake fluid should be light golden colored and flushed out and replaced once a year.

While you’re checking things, take a look at your tires. Check the pressure once a month before and after every drive and look at them to ensure the proper tread depth and any sign of cuts, slashes, bulges, or other damage. Tires can develop flat spots if they haven’t been used in a while, but you can avoid this by putting your car in neutral and rolling it back and forth once in a while.

Keep a set of reliable tie-down straps in your trunk for when you’re ready for your next car show.

The Aesthetics

Once you pull your car out of its hiding spot for the summer months, you might find you’ll need to give it a makeover. A clean is obvious, to have it looking its best, but then she’ll need polished and waxed so that you have protected the paintwork from the rigors of the environment. Keep her clean by hosing her underside whenever you’ve had a drive because the salt from the road can corrode some metal surfaces.

The External

Storing a classic car is as much a part of having it as driving it is. Classic cars need to hibernate for the winter to avoid extreme temperatures and the elements, so it’s best to keep them in the garage. But garages leak and are expensive to repair, so keep them covered to avoid ruining that wax job you did on it.

You can do a few things to protect your classic car if the outside is your only option. You can invest in a cover that will be customized to fit your vehicle perfectly and protect your tires by lifting your car off the ground.

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