Can I Transport A Car Without A Title Or Registration?

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Transporting a Car Without a Title or Registration? 

Documentation is paramount to getting your car shipped through a reliable auto transport company for reasons including security. However, you must know that auto shipping companies do not ask for titles or registrations before or after delivering any consignment.

While it’s ideal to possess all the essential documents, including title, registration, and insurance, it’s not mandatory to produce these before any company when handing over your vehicle. All you need is the vehicle and its keys to arrange for the services and get going.

What certainly is obligatory is to get your newly delivered vehicle registered in the new state within a set time frame. You can check with the local DMV office to get more details and get all your paperwork right in order.

What makes car shipping documentation so different?

One thing that’s been perfected by law as a community is paperwork. Every agreement or transaction between different parties must be recorded, signed, stamped, dated, and more. Do you want to sign up for a credit card? There is paperwork. Do you plan on buying a car? Fill out the paperwork. Such official procedures are present in every aspect of life.

But then what makes the shipping industry so different and does not need the title or registration proof? Documentation like the contract and other terms and conditions must be signed with the car shipping company before scheduling your request. However, there’s nothing major required other than this.

The shipping companies do not particularly ask for title and registration because so many individuals and businesses need shipping services for various reasons. Not every time, and all of them are in the position to produce the title of a vehicle. Take junk cars, for example. These are scrap and intended to dismantle. Such vehicles have no documentation intact since they are abandoned and not in the state to be restored. They sit where they are, and those that might be repaired will get to the future buyer whether or not there’s a title or registration certificate.

At Number 1 Auto Transport, we’ve shipped tons of vehicles to and from and have never encountered any problems. There isn’t just one, but so many instances like the above, and asking for appropriate paperwork to ship the vehicle would be irrelevant.

So how do car transport companies ensure they’re shipping the right vehicle?

To ensure that car shipping services are handling the right vehicle, they ask you for the VIN. The Vehicle Identification Number serves as the vehicle’s fingerprint. It’s a 17-character number that acts as the unique identifier for each vehicle. Since no two cars in operation can have the same VINs, auto transport companies can make the right decision.

The VIN is often asked before your car is picked up, along with other necessary details to determine your particular model from that of others.

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