How Weight Can Affect Car Shipping Rates?

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What’s The Big Deal About Added Car Weight?

How weight can affect car shipping rates is one of the most frequently asked auto transport service customers inquiring about an accurate estimate. While getting different quotes, you’ll also come across terms and conditions like:

  1. Make sure the gas or fuel tank is only about a quarter full
  2. And pack only up to 100 lbs. of personal items, if necessary

You don’t have to chop off the seats or other stuff to reduce the weight; make sure there’s nothing extra. But why all the fuss around maintaining the car’s weight? There are two significant reasons for this:

Fuel Consumption for the Auto Transport Carrier

More weight on the trailer leads to a significant drag, which affects fuel consumption. This is the primary reason that affects your costs as well. Transport trucks must keep going at the desired speed, inertia, and rolling resistance, impacting if it’s overweight.

Therefore, if you need to ship heavier vehicles, your costs would undoubtedly be higher than any compact, lightweight car.

External Risks

Heavier vehicles cost more to transport because it has to make up for the difference in gas or fuel for auto transport services. But carriers are flexible and allow one suitcase or a bunch of tightly packed (avoid fragile) items to be hauled into the trunk or below the window line. The items aren’t insured, and the driver or company is not liable for breakage/ confiscation or fuel pilfering. This reduces the risk of damage or theft.

Weight Rules for shipping cars

While traveling long distances, transporters can take only certain types of routes. They have to stop at weigh stations one or more times. If they’re found to be overweight, they’ll have to unload all cars, and the authorities pull out everything that’s not supposed to be on the trailer. This delays the shipment, is troublesome, your items may be confiscated, and the final bill may include the cost of hefty fines or additional payments.

So, it’ll always be better from your end to keep the weight minimal. This ensures the shipment is a lot easier and swift.

How to ship your car with extra weight?

There are various options to ship your car anywhere within the country, including open or enclosed transport. You can request your free quote to understand how much you’ll have to pay for what kind of services.

At Number 1 Auto Transport, we provide 100% customer satisfaction with the utmost care and transparency. You can get in touch with our representative at 855.422.4141, and they’ll also guide you on the different weight ratings to determine your vehicle’s correct weight. We work within the timeframe and deliver shipments in the condition you left them in.

We’re a trusted car shipping company in the US offering nationwide deliveries of small to big-sized cars and even heavy construction vehicles.

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