Do I Need Insurance to Ship My Car?

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Is Extra Insurance Required to Ship My Car?

Whether you are shipping your daily driver, an exotic weekend cruiser, a work truck, or a motorcycle, you want it to be protected the whole time. You have the standard insurance to keep your vehicle on the road. Do you need extra insurance for peace of mind in the long-distance journey ahead?

Nope! Every valid auto transport company must have a valid insurance policy to operate legally. The FMCSA – the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration- enforced this law. All carriers should provide evidence of this on-demand, so feel free to ask – we’re used to it!

You’ll still want to double-check with the contract, the broker’s insurance, and your own insurance policy to ensure that you are properly covered. Ensure the cargo carrier’s insurance is zero deductible for you, the vehicle owner. Be wary if a carrier asks you to assume any risk and offers a contract with deductibles should damage occur. You may even have the option to purchase extra insurance from your broker or carrier. This is unnecessary, and it’s up to you to make the best choice for your situation!

How Safe is it to Ship My Car?

Shipping a vehicle through licensed auto transport is incredibly safe. Both open and enclosed auto transport carriers offer better protection than driving on an open road. Your vehicle is being looked after by professionals trained in the operation of their equipment and auto transporters. They are licensed and insured, and many have decades of experience with vehicles across the spectrum.

Are There Any Extra Steps I Should Take?

You could do a few things just for some extra peace of mind before sending your vehicle off on its trip.

  • Confirm Damage Coverage: Review the types of damage covered by insurance – is it specific parts only or all of the vehicle? Can you extend the insurance if needed?
  • Check Coverage Limit: Many companies only cover the Kelley Blue Book value of the car. Make sure that your vehicle is covered to the level that you want. If you feel that your vehicle is worth more than the Blue Boo value, you may be able to purchase extra insurance to cover it.
  • Clean Out Your Vehicle: Insurance doesn’t usually cover your vehicle, just the vehicle itself. Ensure your vehicle is empty when you hand the keys to the carrier driver.
  • Check with Your Auto Insurance Company: Depending on your policy, your car may be covered by your insurer during auto transport, up to or beyond what the carrier’s cargo insurance provides. It may cover damages, including weather, debris, and negligence over what the cargo insurance covers. Make sure you know what is and isn’t covered by all insurances tied to the move!
  • Thorough Inspections at Both Ends: Before handing the keys to the driver and taking them back, perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle. Regardless of the insurance carried by you or the auto transport company you work with, you will not be able to make a claim should something occur without appropriate records. Pictures and records are necessary for a claim to be filed – if you don’t have them, you won’t be able to lobby for your claim successfully.

Ship with Number 1 Auto Transport

The good news is damage during auto transport is super rare! In reality, less than 1% of vehicles are damaged during transport. We help edge that number in your favor by working with trusted auto carriers with long stellar safety records. We want every car to safely make it to its next stop and strive to keep our record as close to 0 incidents as possible.

So, ship your car, truck, dealership purchase, or SUV with Number 1 Auto Transport, and let us worry about the insurance headaches! All of our motor carriers carry the best cargo insurance in the industry, but more importantly, make a great effort to ensure it’s not needed. Reach out to our team at Number 1 Auto Transport today, and we can answer your insurance questions or any other questions about the vehicle transport.

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