What Precautions Should be Taken When Shipping a Powerful and Expensive Car?

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Tips For Shipping An Expensive Car 

Vehicles are a significant purchase and investment, so it’s not surprising that people want to ship them as carefully as possible. But there is more to shipping an expensive car than just using the right shipping company. It would help if you also took other precautions for your vehicle to be shipped safely and without damage. 

Shipping a car is always an expensive ordeal. And when you’re shipping a powerful and expensive car, the stakes are even higher. Here are some of the precautions that should be taken when shipping a powerful and expensive car. 

Make sure the car is packed securely to avoid damage during transport.

When the car is at rest, it should be packed on an open bed or trailer with safety restraints like chains and straps. If you’re using a truck to carry the car, make sure that there are no loose items inside the cabin; secure everything with ropes and netting. Transporting an expensive car can be stressful, especially if it is a vintage gem like an American muscle car. Pay attention to on-ramps and other such structures. Place protective materials such as wood or rubber, especially on sharp corners that could damage your vehicle. 

Be careful of the weather. 

Shipping any vehicle during inclement weather is always dangerous. The additional weight of snow and ice combined with high winds can cause accidents anywhere along the route, even if precautions are taken to protect your car from the elements. If the weather is horrible, it might be wiser to reschedule your shipment for another time.

Don’t forget about carjacking attempts. 

Most car shipping companies are reputable and run by honest people concerned with safety. But there are always exceptions to this rule, so never let down your guard. Be cautious and report any suspicious people you see around your car before it is shipped.

Professional carjackers often have a network of people inside the shipping company that helps them find your car. Prevent this by taking photos of your vehicle before it is shipped and keeping detailed records of its registrations to provide information about where it usually spends time. If the ordered car is not in your vicinity, ask the service company to send you the pictures via e-mail. If anything happens, you have proof of the date and time when the company claims to have sent the car.

Always check with previous clients. 

If you are shipping a powerful and expensive car for the first time, do your research about the company shipping it. Contact previous company clients and ask them whether they were satisfied with its services, how well their cars fared during shipment, what other precautions should be taken when shipping an expensive vehicle, etc. If possible, get in touch with three or four previous clients and ask them these questions.

Check for open areas on the truck that could cause damage 

Sometimes, cargo trucks do not have partitions between them and the driver’s cabin. This can be problematic if there are valuables inside the vehicle and the driver is unaware of the car’s presence. Before transporting your vehicle, confirm how many open areas there are between your valuables and the driver’s cabin.

Get insurance for the car.

Shipping a car is not an easy task. Many things can go wrong with the process, and it doesn’t take much for your vehicle to be damaged or stolen during transport. That’s why you should get insurance before shipping your vehicle. 

Here are some of the major types of damage that might occur while transporting your valuable: 

  • The tires on your car could be punctured by debris on the road, or they could fail due to wear and tear over time. Without new tires, your car will have trouble making it to its destination in one piece.
  • Suppose you’re unlucky enough to experience hail damage during shipment. There may be significant amounts of money needed for repair costs which will likely exceed what was initially paid for the car.
  • Even your engine could be at risk, and if hit with water or submerged, you might need an entirely new engine to get your automobile back in working order again.

One of the most essential steps in preparing to ship a car is to ensure you have all the necessary documents in advance. This includes customs forms, insurance documents, and registration papers. Having all of these documents ready to go will help streamline the process and ensure that there are no delays in getting your car transported.

When shipping a powerful and expensive car, it is vital to take all the necessary precautions to ensure its safe arrival. By following the tips we’ve outlined in this article, you can minimize the chances of any damage or theft taking place during transport. However, it’s always a good idea to inspect your car closely upon arrival to ensure no signs of damage.

Choose a reputable shipping company.

This is an essential step in shipping your expensive car. Choosing an experienced and reputable car transport company like Number 1 Auto Transport increases your chances of having your vehicle shipped without any damage or inconvenience. Research the company’s management, expertise, track record, license, and insurance before signing a contract to find out if they can look after your car.

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