Easy Guide on How to Buy and Ship a Car Online

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    buying and shipping cars online

    Buying and Shipping a Car Online

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    Buying a car online has become quite common — a recent survey states that nearly 70% of people would consider doing so. Still, even in the era of Google, it can be a complex process if you don’t know what you’re doing. Really, it just takes a little extra footwork, because in this case, you aren’t able to test drive or check over the car yourself.

    Set a Budget, Then Do Your Research

     To get an idea of what you need, first consider your family size and needs, and then set a budget you’ll stick to. Figure out how many miles you’re willing to accept on a vehicle if you are going the pre-owned route.

    Now, start searching on reputable online car-dealer sites like Autotrader. You can also utilize other resource sites like Kelley Blue Book, which offers all-inclusive estimates on the values of vehicles.

    Narrowing down even further, if you have a specific used vehicle in mind that you’ve found, you can run the VIN number through websites like Autocheck or Carfax.

    Start the Negotiations

     Once you’ve got an idea of the car or truck you want, you can start contacting the seller — whether this is an online dealer or a private seller. Make sure you know if the quoted price you’ve been given includes any additional fees if working with a dealer. And, if they do or if the fees sound fishy, do a quick Google search on what the fees are for.

    Lots of people out there don’t like the thought of having to do back-and-forth haggling through online dealerships. If you’re one of those people, there are websites available like Truecar and Vinadvisor that will negotiate with dealers on your behalf.

    If You’re Buying Used, Get It Inspected

    Always have a local mechanic inspect the vehicle before you pay for it — especially if you’re buying from an individual seller. This can be arranged by searching for a mechanic near the seller and arrange a time and date for the inspection to happen. Another great option is utilizing Wegolook.com. You can order a full inspection form anywhere in the country and they will provide a full compressive analysis of the vehicle’s condition.

    If the seller won’t agree to a third-party inspection, this could be your sign to jump ship and find another vehicle. And while an inspection may run around $100, it’s worth the cost when you consider how expensive repairs can get, or finding out you may have dodged a bullet.

    Have Your Car transported to You

    Because your new car isn’t located in town, unless you’ve got a friend willing to lose a day on your behalf and add wear and tear to their vehicle, the easiest option is going to be to have it shipped to you.

    Shipping your car offers peace of mind that it will arrive safely. You’ll have it arrive on time, without all the needless expenses of a road trip, or running the risk of an accident on the way home. It’ll keep unnecessary miles off your new car, too, which will preserve its lifespan!

    There are lots of cost-effective ways to ship your car, truck, SUV, or anything in between, including working with our team at Number 1 Auto Transport. We are highly experienced and love what we do, and will help you find the lowest cost and most reliable method to ship your vehicle!

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