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What is the Fastest Way to Ship A Car? 

Most of us today are go-getters. We work hard and live fast – not because we like the rush of things but because there’s no time for stopping. It’s always one thing after the other. And such a mindset also permeates other parts of our lives – one of which is how fast we can get a car shipped if needed.

Maybe you got a car from another state or want to ship the one you have because you’re moving; whatever the reason, we’re here to help you find the fastest way to ship a car.

Understanding Fast Auto Transportation

The fastest way to ship a car is probably by cargo plane, but it’s expensive and not a reasonable option for most people. However, an open auto transport truck proves more feasible. These car carriers travel along most interstate highways and provide door-to-door services. However, to save more, you can also drop off and pick up your vehicle from any central location specified by the service provider.

Ideally, this is the most direct route from your pickup point to the delivery location, plus it’s one of the cheapest and fastest means to ship a car. But you must be aware that fast services are relative since carriers can travel only limited distances daily due to DOT regulations.

What Fastest Way to Ship a Car Really Means

Talking about the fastest way to ship a car, the term ” fast “ means how quickly your vehicle can be picked up and dropped off. Transporters can only travel about 350 miles per day. So, there’s no way they can break the laws and cover two thousand miles in 48 hours. It’s difficult in terms of administrative protocols and practically impossible for an over-the-road car transporter to go that fast.

If time is money for you, consider expedited transport as the fastest way to ship your vehicle. Expedited shipping offers the quickest service in the auto transport industry, even for open carriers. Expedited auto transport services pick up your car quicker than the standard turnaround time. Most shipments take around 3-5 days, while expedited transport takes 24-48 hours from your booking date if the location isn’t hard to reach. However, the catch is the price – it’s expensive and costs around 35-50% more than standard rates.

Suppose you aren’t worried about the pickup time; opt for standard services. But expedited service will be excellent if you need to pick your vehicle up within the next day or two. The price hike with expedited transport is because a two-day pickup window is challenging to accommodate – the shipper has to be arranged, schedules must be set, and routes must be worked out ASAP. If you certainly need expedited services, these are worth every penny. However, standard pickups are no less – just that the pickup window is one to two weeks, but there’s no compromise on conveniences provided.

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Car Shipping Cost Price Chart – These are rough estimates and not final.

Seattle, WA, to Charlotte, NC$1,3002,795
New York, NY to Los Angeles, CA$1,3502,789
Miami, FL, to San Francisco, CA$1,2503,113
Jersey City, NJ to Dallas, TX$9751,545
New York, NY to Dallas, TX$1,1751,547
New York, NY to Miami, Fl$9501,285
Baltimore, MD to Phoenix, AZ$1,1002,277
Atlanta, GA, to Tucson, AZ$9751,733
Portland, OR to Washington, DC$1,3502,806
Nashville, TN to Albuquerque, NM$1,0751,220
Austin, TX to Miami, FL$7001,350
Memphis, TN to Denver, CO$9251,047
Orlando, FL to Chicago, IL$9751,154
Boise, ID to Houston, TX$1,2751,814
Philadelphia, PA to Sacramento, CA$1,2752,784
Saint Louis, MO to Trenton, NJ$750906
Saint Louis, MO to New York, NY$975953
Boston, MA, to Salt Lake City, UT$1,3502,364
Las Vegas, NV to Detroit, MI$1,1502,012
Milwaukee, WI to New Orleans, LA$1,0751,015
Chicago, IL to Phoenix, AZ$9751,754
Chicago, IL to Houston, TX$8001,082
Austin, TX, to San Jose, CA$8751,716
San Antonio, TX to San Diego, CA$8251,7176
Boston, MA to Baltimore, MD$550404

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