6 Tips On How To Properly Clean Your Car

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What Are Some Tips For Cleaning Your Car

Cleaning your car is a task that many people find daunting. There are so many different things to do, and the job never seems to end! We all want our car to be as clean as possible, but we can’t spend hours on it every week. In this blog post, I will give you 6 easy tips for cleaning your car properly. Follow these steps, and you’ll be well on your way to a beautifully clean vehicle!

Household chemicals or detergents should not be used.

These are not formulated to be used on cars and can strip off any wax you have applied and cause damage by etching into the paint if they contain certain chemicals like ammonia. Use a high-quality car soap instead made specifically to clean vehicles – this is especially important for removing tough stains!  Don’t hesitate to check out this site https://autoguysland.com for more information on how to take care of your car properly. You might find all the answers you need. 

Never use anything other than a microfiber cloth.

Even paper towels can leave behind fibers and lint that will cause damage to your paint! Microfiber is the best option because it won’t scratch or mark any car’s surface, even in sensitive areas like around door handles and on the mirrors. Make sure you lightly dampen this type of cloth with water before using it too. You do not want excess water running down into cracks where moisture could get trapped inside when you’re driving. It’s fine if some moistness stays on the rag; be careful not to drip much onto painted surfaces. Use one side for dry dusting/polishing (like with your interior) and the other for damp wiping down (like on your exterior).

Don’t skip the tire well cleaning.

Many people neglect to clean out their tires well because they believe the rubber will prevent harm or infection, but this is not the case! After washing, you should always clean your tires with a wet microfiber towel rather than submerging them in soapy water or spraying chemicals directly on them. If there are tough stains on the sidewalls of your wheels, use rubbing alcohol instead of car soap for removal, it won’t harm paint either as long as you’re careful about avoiding wetting areas where brake dust has settled in too much. Always wait until everything dries before driving away, though! You don’t want to get caught in the rain while your tires are still wet because this may result in aquaplaning, which is when water builds up between your tire treads and reduces road friction.

Don’t forget to clean your windshield wipers.

Some think it’s unnecessary or that using a rag will scratch them, so you should never use an abrasive cleaner on these parts! You don’t have to scrub hard at all either since just light washing followed by buffing out dried spots with glass polish is enough for most situations. If there’s anything caked onto wiper blades, though (like sap), spray some soapy water first before wiping clean; if dirt has started building up over time, you can use a bit of vinegar and water to remove mineral deposits. Never put your wipers on the dry setting because this will likely cause streaking; it’s okay if they’re still slightly damp since any streaks that appear after using them will evaporate quickly.

Clean out all vents

Often, use compressed air to clear dust from these components to ensure that they function properly. The simplest way to accomplish it is to get an air compressor kit like this one (be careful not to point your air compressor directly at any fan blades). If you don’t have access to such equipment, carefully spray compressed air through the vents using a canister rather than just spraying everything. This will help remove most debris, but you still want to take your time and avoid any sudden movements or gestures that could make it more likely for something to fly out unexpectedly, which is why we recommend starting from the bottom up.

The exterior paint job should be washed once a month.

If you want your car’s exterior paint job to last as long as possible, it helps if you wash it at least once per month so that any salt deposits are removed from winter driving conditions (salt can cause rust if left too long). Just be sure not to spray directly onto painted surfaces because liquid could seep into micro-pores, eventually leading to discoloration over time! Instead, start by spraying water lightly before using a sponge or soft mitt for rubbing purposes; always make sure there is no excess moisture afterward since this could streak easily when drying off.

A Clean Car Makes For A Better Pre-Inspection Before Shipping Your Car

The pre-inspection process when shipping your car will go a lot faster and easier by following these tips.  Never underestimate how important it is to properly care for your automobile – if you want it to look great over time, you have to start by keeping it clean! If you want your car shipped by a top transport company, then talk to the experts at Number 1 Auto Transport today!

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