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Maryland to New York Car Shipping

In Maryland, you can choose between rural farmlands to the west or the Bay Life along the Chesapeake. In New York, you can have the bustling Big Apple or the apple orchards and vineyards of upstate. Both are appealing to various people – what’s the best spot for you?

As popular as these two states are, the routes between Maryland and New York are high-traffic, just like their roadways. They’re also major transfer spots for government employees and armed forces families – Maryland is the third largest state for federal employees in the country, believe it or not! From federal employees shipping a daily commuter car or SUV along when they make a move to New York City from the D.C. metropolitan region to collectors moving their antiques to their estate in the Finger Lakes for summer cruising, contacting an auto transport company is the right choice to make if you’re making a move.

Many auto shipping companies offer incredible offers for people trying to ship their vehicles from one state to another. A company like Number One Auto Transport will pick up your vehicle and transport it from the home you’re leaving to your new destination. Depending on the exact spot and when you are moving, the cost and time to move your vehicle may vary. The good news is, with the closeness and great routes, the shipment from Maryland to New York will likely only take 2-4 days. Even with plenty of trips between the two states, you’ll need to book ahead to get a secure spot at the best rate!

New York to Maryland Auto Transport

While these two states seem close together, depending on where you’re heading, it could be a lengthy, time-consuming trip. It can be almost 700 miles from the furthest points in the states – not to mention the traffic around New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and the Washington D.C. beltway!

You have a lot to think about when you’re moving your entire life from one place to the next. You’ve got a new place to move into, an old place to move out of, jobs to switch up, and so much on your mind. The last thing you need to concern yourself with is getting your car, truck, SUV, or other vehicles moved on to your next residence! Sure, you could drive them all yourself, but that could be a headache – and if you have multiple cars, including recreational or hobby vehicles, you probably won’t want to make numerous multi-vehicle trips.

There’s also the cost you’ll incur trying to drive all the vehicles. Fuel costs, hotel fares, and food costs add up – plus the cost of your time required to drive this distance. More than just fuel, there’s the wear and tear – driving a vehicle more than needed will result in excessive mileage on the engine. Your car can get damaged by the drive-by projectiles or rocks, plus there’s the chance of an incident or accident along the way. After all, the more miles you put on your vehicle, the more likely you’ll have an accident. So why deal with all of this on top of moving hassles? Just let the professionals do it – you’ll have to pay the car transport company but paying them for auto shipping is better than doing it yourself!


Should I Ship a Car From New York to Maryland in an Open or Enclosed Car Carrier?

The most common way is shipping your vehicle using open transport, especially if you are transporting a daily driver. This is the standard, lowest-cost method, and there are plenty of regular trips between New York and Maryland. However, if you are shipping an antique, classic, or exotic vehicle, or something complex like an ATV or motorcycle, a better option is sending it in an enclosed transport. While more expensive, an enclosed trailer ensures your classic or exotic car is not damaged by wind or debris on the road. No matter which service you choose, rest assured that Number One Auto Transport will do everything in our power to get your car, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicles to your new home without a scratch.

Calculate your instant New York to Maryland car shipping quote

Most auto transport companies will offer similar services – the most significant difference comes when you’re looking at what it’s going to cost you. What car shipping will cost depends on the service category you plan to take. The cost also depends on the state where you are sending your car and where you are shipping from. You can do it within $800 or so if you are doing open carrier shipping, depending on the company you work with. The cost can rise to $1400 if you are using enclosed shipping. It all depends on when you want to ship it, the exact places you are shipping to and from, and how much safety and attention you want to be paid to your vehicle.

Should I Drive or Ship My Car from New York to Maryland?

With such a short distance, you may wonder if it would be better to drive the car and ship it to your new home yourself. Sure, it might be a little cheaper, but hidden costs exist. The average out-of-pocket cost of you moving your vehicle could be as high as $800 to $900. Why are the prices so high even if you drive the car yourself? You have to calculate the hotel cost for what will likely be an overnight stay, the high tolls that come with living in two of the most highly-tolled states in the country, food cost, and the gas you will burn to drive your car, plus wear and tear.

So, professional car shipping companies would be a better choice. You can get a plane ticket – or even a train ticket through the well-traveled Northeast corridor – and head to your new home within a few hours and wait for your car to reach your destination. It’s always better to let Number One Auto Transport do the job and avoid any headaches!

How much does it cost to ship a car from New York to Maryland?

Wondering how much it costs to transport your car from New York to Maryland? Here’s a breakdown of key factors that affect your Texas car shipping rate:

  1. Distance: The longer the journey, the higher the cost. Expect this to be the main driver of your quote.
  2. Locations: Where you’re shipping from and to plays a role. Specific city traffic, distance from major highways, and pickup/drop-off ease can impact pricing.
  3. Trailer Type: Choose open-air transport for a more affordable option, or opt for enclosed trailers for extra protection at a higher cost.
  4. Vehicle Details: Size, and weight of your car are two factors that can influence the auto transport rate.
  5. Seasonality: Demand for car shipping fluctuates throughout the year. Busier seasons may lead to slightly higher prices depending on the route.

Get an Exact New York to Maryland Auto Transport Rate:

For the most accurate car shipping rate, tell us:

  • Your car’s type and details
  • Origin and destination cities
  • Flexible shipping dates (if possible)
  • Preferred trailer type (open or enclosed)

With this information, you’ll get a personalized car shipping rate tailored to your specific needs.