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Fuel Prices Increasing – Ship Your Car With Number 1 Auto Transport 

Gas prices in the United States are higher than they’ve been in years – and they so no signs of retreating. Driven by several factors, fuel has risen to the point that we haven’t seen since 2014! It has been a steady increase dating back to late 2020 but growing sharper in recent months.

This upward trend has certainly changed how we move around. It has made folks rethink some of their travels, and many are returning to some of the more economical habits of the past. This may also change how you commute and how you make moves – suddenly, the price for driving yourself or fueling up a moving van has gotten much higher! Let’s take a look at why these prices are rising, how it affects auto transport, and how you might be able to save some money despite higher fuel prices.

Why have fuel prices risen?

There is no single reason that fuel prices have risen. It’s a culmination of things from the last year. The main reason for the drastic rise is the rise in crude oil prices. Before even hitting the refinery, the cost of the crude is rising.

But why is crude oil so high? There are multiple reasons there. Primarily, OPEC and other allied oil-producing countries have not rapidly moved their production back to full bore after scaling back during the pandemic. As demand rise quickly, the supply is rising slowly. These major oil-producing countries are taking a slow-and-steady return to production in the case of any pandemic relapses.

Secondly, supply chain disruptions, including overcrowded ports, reduced over-the-road trucking, higher trucking costs due to diesel shortages, and the failures in Texas from the extreme weather in both winter and summer decreasing refinery production, have all combined to make refining crude oil a much more expensive proposition.

Third, security efforts are an additional cost. The Colonial Pipeline attack prodded all of the major producers and companies into motion. Extra security is other capital investments. Someone has to pay for it – and it’s not like oil execs are going to take it out of their pockets.

Finally, while the United States maintains a significant reserve of crude oil set aside for emergencies, there is little indication it will be opened up to lessen these prices. Experts have even indicated that opening the reserve would have a minor impact and may not be worth it in the long run.

On the back end, refining costs are rising, as are supply costs as far as transferring the refined fuel to depots and stations. U.S. producers have also become wary of investing in fossil fuels and increasing production due to the push towards renewables and to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels and outside producers.

All of these factors add up to some of the highest per-barrel crude prices seen in this century. The costs get passed on to you – but how can you reduce the impact?

The Impact on Auto Transport

While the cost of diesel to put in auto transporters has risen, it hasn’t increased as much as regular fuel. This means that using an auto transport service like Number 1 Auto Transport when you are making your move is a bright idea! Instead of incurring high costs supplying your vehicle with fuel to make a move, you can cut your fuel cost out completely.

Sure, it takes diesel to run the trucks that we contract to move your vehicle. However, you’re splitting those costs with three, four, even up to seven other cars! While you have to bear the full brunt of the per-gallon fuel price raises on your own if you decide to drive your vehicle for your move, you’re splitting that diesel rise by using an auto transport service. We’re talking a few additional cents per gallon, not dollars!

That adds up after a while. You could see savings of hundreds of dollars by using an auto transport service over driving, especially if you are making a long-distance move like New York to California or Arizona to Florida. With this driving increased demand, you could see more nearly complete truck routes, meaning you can get on them at affordable prices.

With unpredictable gas prices, it makes sense to have an auto transport service lock in an affordable carrier for you, instead of chancing those prices rising to $4.00, even $5.00 a gallon! Number 1 Auto Transport gives you a great value and avoids those fuel cost concerns.

Other Ways to Save Money on Auto Transport

Working with a team like Number 1 Auto Transport can also help you save money when shipping your vehicle. We work hard to find the most affordable yet trustworthy carrier for your car. The most expensive loads are always sent before anything is posted for less. We’ll work with you to find something that fits your schedule and budget at the same time. The earlier you contact us to start the process, the easier it will be to find a carrier at a reasonable price, compared to the more exorbitant costs that come during times of flux.

So reach out to our team at Number 1 Auto Transport today! We work with only the top-rated carriers, and we negotiate with them on your behalf to get the best prices on the road. You can be assured that you’re in the best hands from start to finish. We’ll get your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, RV, or any other vehicle you need to be shipped to its destination, with no hassles!