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What Are Some Cars That Appreciate In Value

Like everything else, the value of a car starts decreasing the moment you take it out of the showroom. That is a logical thing. However, some cars go up in value. Who would’ve known in the 1970s that Mustangs will become collector cars 30 years down the line? 

If you want to get a cool car to drive and can bring you some money when you trade it after a decade or so, you can go to Gettacar.com and buy any model you want. And if you are wondering which cars will increase in value, here are the ones you need to look for. 

BMW M3 E46 

One of the best cars to come from Germany, the BMW M3 E46 is a modern classic. With a high-revving inline-6 under the hood, the M3 is the dream project car for many. Even if you don’t want to modify it, cruising down the road in a 343 hp convertible is something to do. 

Fantasies apart, if you want to buy one as an investment, you need to get the one with manual transmission. You can expect to pay between $25,000 to $30,000 for a well-kept specimen. If you take care of it and keep it maintained, it can return you upwards of $50,000 in five years, considering the rate at which its prices are going up.

Datsun 240Z

Japanese cars have always been a bit of an obsession for American buyers, but some are in particularly high demand. Right now, the most desired Japanese classic is the Datsun 240Z. 

An exceptionally well-kept example was auctioned online for a whopping $310,000 last February. However, you can buy one in reasonable condition for under $30,000. You need to get one that has low mileage and has not been in a severe accident.

Unlike the BMW, it might not be a great daily driver, but you can look cool occasionally cruising in a Japanese classic. And if you take good care of the car, it can bring you a good profit in some years. 

VW Golf GTI Mk1 

The GTI Mk1 was a hot hatch in a time when the hot hatch was not even a term. It came out for the first time in 1974 and was one of the best-selling cars of its time. The production run of this car lasted until 1983. It had a 110 hp engine and if that sounds like a small one, remember that we’re talking about the 1970s. 

You can get your hands on this modern classic for under $20,000. If you search online auction and car trading sites, you can find some really well-kept examples. If you get one, hold on to it, and it will bring you serious money in some years. Just get it fast; the prices on these things are going up already.


The Allies might not have won the second World War without this vehicle. It is a war icon and one of the most valued classics of all time. Right now, you can buy one for a shade over $10,000. Unlike others on this list, we don’t recommend you get a pristine sample. Just go for anyone you can get. 

This is a recommendation only for the ones who like to work on cars. If you get one of these and restore it, you can sell it for like $25,000. Even if you don’t want to sell it, you can proudly go off-roading on a vehicle that played a part in the Second World War, and that is something. 

Ford Mustang 1965 

You knew this would be on this list! 

Earlier this year, a 1965 Mustang was sold for $3.5million. It did have a racing history and was driven by some of the most iconic race car drivers of the 1960s. Right now, you can buy one of these for under $15,000. The prices of these things are hiking at a swift pace, and you can make quite a bit of profit if you get your hands on a well-kept example. 

Even if it does not return you a six-figure amount in some years, what can be cooler than going out with your partner on a classic from the 1960s, the icon of American automaking? 

Honda Integra Type R JDM 

We know it has the steering wheel on the wrong side and is already worth more than an entry-level modern sedan, but it is worth it. Costing nearly $30,000, this modern classic is one of the most rapidly appreciating Japanese cars you can buy. 

It will surely get you a respectable price in some years. And in all those years, you’ll have a great-handling reliable Japanese car that’s happy to rev in the range very few modern cars can. 

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IV JDM 

If spending $30,000 on a modern Japanese classic does not seem to be a good idea to you, consider this one. This is a true rally car that Mitsubishi tamed for the streets. Even though it is one of the most sought-after Japanese cars on the market right now, you can buy one for $10,000. The prices of these things are surely going up and in just a few years. So try getting one with a clean title and low mileage.

Mercedes-Benz 190E

This is one of the most underrated yet perfect cars to ever come from Germany. The 2.6L I6 in this thing is a smooth and sweet engine, and the interior, handling, and looks are just about perfect. 

The prices for these things have been going up for the last couple of years, but you can still get one in good condition for under $20,000. You can use it as your family car and can sell it when the prices go up. 

To Sum Up 

You never know which car is going to be the classic-in-high-demand a few years down the line. No matter which car you might have, take good care of it, and the chances are, it can bring you some money in the longer run.

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