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Here’s What To Do With Your Car When It Breaks Down

A car breakdown can be a significant hassle. It can happen when you least expect it. Your battery can suddenly die, you run out of fuel, you have a flat tire, or a mechanical fault suddenly springs up. Car damage from vehicular accidents can also cause extensive malfunctions that lead to a car breakdown. A repair can be the most common option when your car breaks down, but what if it becomes hard to fix or the repair costs are too expensive? Read to know some of the things you can do with your car if it breaks down.

Sell It

Selling a broken-down car may be the last option for you, especially if your car suffers only a minor breakdown and no major repair is needed. However, if your car experiences recurring malfunctions or suffers extensive damage, you will soon realize that the repair option is no longer worth it. If you keep track of your repair costs, you’ll be surprised that they will reach more than half the original price of your car. You might think your broken-down car would sell cheap if you sold it, but if you ask how much is a non-running car worth to several used car dealers, you might be surprised at how it is worth. When you do some research about your non-running car’s price, look for the same car make, model, and mileage as yours and inquire how much is the price of the operational one. Get at least three different selling prices and reduce the price by at least half to get your non-running car’s selling value.

Leave it and Get Help

Car breakdowns can put you in a pickle if they happen at unlikely places and times. At the same time, many would advise staying in your broken down car after you have parked at a safe spot at the shoulder or side of the road and away from traffic; unfortunately, it isn’t always the case. Traveling on rural roads far away from a highway can make roadside assistance access difficult. There’s also the problem of poor mobile or internet signal, where you will have to leave your car to get a good reception when calling for help. Turn on your hazard lights and lock your vehicle while you find a good spot for calling or accessing the internet. As much as possible, keep your vehicle within your sight while you call for assistance.

Try to Fix Your Car

Administering first aid to your car can help you get out of the breakdown situation and get back on the road. However, it can only be effective if you have the right equipment and tools with you, you know what’s wrong with your car, and you know how to fix the malfunction. Minor malfunctions in the car battery, radiator, and tires can be fixed if you have a repair kit ready. Have a portable battery jump starter, leak repair fluid, puncture repair kit, and lug wrench ready for fixing minor breakdowns. Be sure to keep a safe distance away from traffic if you attempt to fix your car. Better yet, call roadside assistance if you need an extra hand with fixing your car breakdown.

Transport your Non-Running Inoperable Vehicle

Depending on your situation, you might be in a scenario where you will have to transport the non-running car back to your house or to a mechanic. Make sure you tell the car transport company what condition the vehicle is in. If the car has no power, it is likely the carrier will likely have to use a winch to pull the car onto the trailer. 

Car breakdowns can be frustrating, especially if they happen suddenly and when you least expect them. Nevertheless, it helps to know what your options are when your car breaks down. A repair can be your primary option in most situations, but an extensively damaged or frequently malfunctioning car can drain your pocket in the long run. Selling may be your last-ditch effort to make use of your car, but you can still get the most value out of it with sufficient information. Lastly, prevention is always better than cure, so keep your vehicle well maintained to avoid breakdowns. 

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