The Importance of Auto Transport for Overlanders

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Auto Transport For Overlanders

As an overlander, you might find yourself in need of various services – auto transport included. Sure, you may rely a lot on your car, but there are certain circumstances when that might not be enough. Auto transport is an essential matter that overlanders should arrange for even before they leave on their journey, and we will tell you exactly why.

Why Would You Need Auto Transport?

There are several reasons why you, an overlander, might want to opt for auto transport. Sure, the journey is all about the road and not the destination – but what if the destination is on a different continent? What if you need to cross an ocean to get where you want to go?

Depending on the case, you might or might not be able to travel in your car. You might need to travel by plane and send your car ahead. This is mostly the case when you are planning to overland on a different continent across the ocean. Unless your car is also a submarine, you will need auto transport to take you there. 

You might also want to transport your car for practical purposes. For example, let’s say that you do want to overland because you want to see beautiful sights – but you know for a fact that along the way, there’s not much for you to see. Perhaps you already saw that before, or maybe you don’t find charm in passing through similar cities over and over. In this case, auto transport can help. 

Last but not least, while this is the least favorable circumstance, auto transport can also help you if something happens to your car. For example, if your car malfunctions in the middle of the road, you’ll need auto transport to take you to the nearest service. 

Benefits of Auto Transport

There are several benefits that an overlander might reap by going for an auto transport company. Here are the most notable ones:

It Can Save You Time

Auto transport can save you a lot of valuable time. For example, let’s say that you want to hit the Pole Line Road in Mexico, but you are back in the northern area of Canada. It might take you quite long until you get there, particularly when you don’t know where the shortest routes are. 

An auto transport company will have more knowledge than you on that matter. They will take you there in the shortest amount of time so that you may get started with your adventure as soon as possible. Plus, you’d be dealing with experienced drivers that also know what the safest routes are.

If Offers Safe Transport

Let’s say that the trail you chose to do some Overlanding on is in a different state or even on a different continent. The last thing you may want is for your car to break down or for something to happen right before you reach your destination. This tends to happen quite often, as vehicles can also get “tired” after a long drive.

However, with auto transportation, you do not have to worry about any incidents. With your car safely tucked in the container, there is a meager chance of anything happening to it – even lower if you go for a highly rated company.

It Saves on Trip Costs

Assuming you go on an Overlanding trip at a farther distance, you need to keep in mind that gas won’t be the only thing you’ll pay for; you may have to cover food and accommodation too. 

Let’s say that it will take you 2-3 days to reach your destination. You’ll eventually have to pay for overnight stays, as well as 3 meals a day. By sending the car first with auto transport, all you have to do is take the plane on the day your car is supposed to land, and you are done. 

RORO vs. Container Shipping Processes

When transporting your car, you’ll usually have two transportation methods to choose from: the RORO and the container shipping method. These are the benefits for each:

  • RORO Shipping 

RORO (Roll On Roll Off) shipping is likely the most affordable option and the simplest. Basically, with ROLO, you “roll” the boat on the vessel, secure it there, and then “roll” it back off when you reach port. You can transport a 4×4 RV, or pretty much any car you might be Overlanding in, quick and easily. 

  • Container Shipping

When you choose container shipping, your car will be delivered to the warehouse of your shipping company. The fact that your car is stored in a single container will also add to the vehicle’s protection. 

That being said, this transportation method is not usually the favored method of choice for overlanders. Not only will you have to pay extra for “renting” the container, but you will also have a longer waiting time. With RORO, you can pick it right from the port, whereas with container shipping, you need to wait until it reaches the warehouse.  

Average Auto Shipping Costs 

The cost of the shipping process will depend on the length of the drive. For instance, if you are going over less than 200 miles, you’ll be charged around $2.00 per mile. Longer trips are more cost-effective, as you’ll have to pay an average of $0.58 per mile on distances going over 1,500 miles. 

The price will also depend on the method that you use. For instance, transportation using a shipping container is around 40% expensive than the RORO method. While it comes with a variety of extra features, it can also be quite costly.

The Bottom Line

No matter where you are or why you might need auto transport, this type of service is essential for overlanders. Not only will it help you reach your destination, but it will also keep your car safe. Contact the car transport service experts at Number 1 Auto Transport for all your auto transport needs. 

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