Can I Transport A Non-Running Inoperable Car?

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How To Transport A Non-Running Car?

In normal circumstances, cars can be directly driven onto and off the carrier. However, because non-running vehicles cannot be driven onto the carrier, they are usually “winched” or loaded with a liftgate.

Typically, if your car does not start, a winch is needed to pull it onto the carrier. On the other hand, if your car has severe damage and cannot roll, brake, or steer, a winch alone would be unable to get it into the carrier. If this is the case, your car will need to be lifted using a liftgate or forklift.

Tip: The safest way to ship a classic or exotic car is on an enclosed carrier that will protect it from weather, road debris, and the possibility of damage on its journey. This is, of course, the more expensive choice, but given such cars’ financial and sentimental value, this option makes perfect sense.

What Is A Non-Running Car?

As the name suggests, a non-running car is a car that won’t start or be driven on and off the car carrier safely due to structural issues. The most likely cause of a non-running vehicle is mechanical failure due to collision damage. Not all non-running vehicles are broken-down cars, though. In many cases, a classic car restored and purchased from a seller in another state can also be considered inoperable.

Is Shipping A Non-Running Car More Expensive?

Winches and lift gates are additional equipment that is not standard for most car carriers. This means that not all auto transport companies can ship non-running cars. Additionally, at times, non-running vehicles can be difficult to operate, so the drivers who deal with them must be trained to handle the different procedures and equipment involved in shipping a non-running car.

These two factors generally mean that car shipping an inoperable vehicle will be more expensive than one that involves a running vehicle. On average, the cost to transport an inoperable car over a short distance is usually just an additional $25-$50. For long distances, however, it could be up to $150 more on average. Your quoted price will also depend on other factors, such as the make and model of your vehicle, the distance it will travel, the pickup and delivery locations, and the type of carrier.

How to Ship a Car That Does Not Run

Requesting car transport services for a non-running car is similar to that for a car that runs. That said, shipping a car that won’t turn on or can’t be driven will require slightly more research and slightly more prep. Here are the steps that you will want to go through.

How to Choose The Right Auto Transport Company to Transport an Inop Vehicle…

If you want your non-running vehicle to be transported safely and timely, the auto transport company you hire should know how to get the job done right the first time. Hire a company that has the following:

  • Years of experience moving non-running cars safely and on time
  • Carriers equipped with the equipment needed to accommodate your car
  • Plenty of good reviews and recommendations

Tip: Contacting multiple auto transport companies is always a good idea when looking for competing bids. That said, using the cheapest auto transport company is usually not a good idea because you get what you pay for. This is especially true when you are transporting a valuable classic or exotic car.

Inform the company about the car’s condition before transport.

Be sure to tell the auto transport company about your car’s condition – for example, if it does not roll, has extra parts, or is a track car. The company will incorporate that information into your quote and ensure they send out the right carrier with the right equipment, saving you from delays or unforeseen fees.

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